How many items you have is confusing, and you’re never going to be able to count everything if you have a big office, but we do need an approximate amount so we know what to quote for and so that we know roughly how long the job will take so we know how much time to allocate for the appointment. 

As an example; a PC and monitor combination is 4 items, as there is the PC base unit, plus its power lead, the Monitor screen and its power lead – that’s 4 items. If they happen to have low voltage power packs then there may be extra items; if they are powered via an extension lead that is another item. There may be a lamp on the desk, a phone charger, even a printer.. it all adds up. 

Around the office there will be other printers, copiers, laminators, heaters, fans, radios, kitchen appliances, etc. 

What we do is for every desk (one PC and one Monitor) we multiply that by 8 which gives us a rough idea of how many appliances will be in the full office. So if you have 20 desks, we’ll multiply that by 8 to get 160 items; we’ll quote based on that.