If your office is small, with say 5 desks, we’d need around 1.5 hours to complete; if you have 20 desks which is about 150 items we’re going to need a bit more time; it could be done in 3-4 hours if conditions are right. We usually estimate to be able to test 30-50 items in an hour in an office, so 200 to 300 is about average per day.  

Larger offices, call centres, business centres etc will need a site visit to predict time but as an example an office with 100 desks, is around 750 items, will take a few days to complete for one engineer – we’d probably bring 2-3 to reduce the time on site, however, this will mean more disruption for you as more staff will be off at the same time, so we need to weigh up the best options.