Appliances that have been fixed to the mains are different, but we can still help you.

If you have a portable appliance (has a plug on) but remove the plug to hard wire it to the mains, usually via a fused spur unit, it will need testing.

When we are doing the PAT, we will check it for earth continuity, but not insulation. To do an insulation test we need to isolate the power (turn it off) and remove the appliance’s wiring – this is going to cause a lot of disruption to you, so may need doing out of hours.

A full fixed appliance test, is not part of PAT, but is part of inspection and testing of electrical equipment, and should only be done by a person competent in safe isolation, which most PAT testers are not.

We can do this for you, but not at a per item rate. For this service we charge our hourly rates. We recommend you speak to us about your options, probably best whilst we’re on the job. If we come across a fixed appliance we will recommend what to do.

We actually recommend you get your electrician to check the appliance when they do their EICR, or maintain the appliance. After all; it is their job to maintain anything on the mains wiring system.