Have you got messy cables under your desks that need tidying?

Everyone these days seems to have messy cables on and around their desks; generally caused by the constant addition of new appliances that need a cable to draw power. But no one has time to tidy up the cables to make them neater.

If you want neater cables around your desks talk to our engineer about what would be involved – in a small office we may be able to do it whilst we’re there, and in bigger sites we’ll need to arrange to return (ideally when your staff aren’t there).

Cable re-organisation is something everyone says is easy, but no one ever does it, lets face it – who has the time now to pull out desks, disconnect all the cables, and relay them neat and tidy?

If you are not booked in for appliances to be inspected any time soon but think this is something you need for your business, get in touch with us – we’ll come out to survey the site, from which we’ll make a proposal. We’ll be able to tell you how long we’ll need to do the job and what it will cost, then it’s up to you whether you book us in.

Tidy cables are much better than messy ones – they’re safer and less of a hazard.

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I am Richard; a PAT engineer with over 10 years experience, MD of DRA PAT Testing Limited and Operations Director for the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association