Have you heard about the PAT Testing Network’s campaign to show customers what is NOT PAT Testing?

The national standards organisation want to raise the profile of the appliance testing industry, illustrating the importance of good appliance testing over poor standards.

Some naughty people out there are getting away with charging customers hard earned money for a poor service, and the people at the PTN want to show their customers what is happening.

No one likes being ripped off, or not getting good value for money, and no one should suffer at the hands of cowboys.

We work really hard when we do a job, making sure a client gets the assurances that their safe appliances are safe, and the dangerous appliances are failed, but all the time we’re doing that there are others undercutting us, making their clients feel they get a cheaper service than we offer and thus better value for money, whilst they are in fact getting a much worse service, which in time will cost them a lot more; possibly in the form of a fire.

If you want to know more about the That’s not pat testing campaign, check out this video.

That’s Not PAT Testing

Check out the video on how to tell if your PAT Testing is being done correctly

The PAT Testing Network has now been replaced by the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association, but the principles of this video remain the same.