PAT Testing Microwave Ovens in Commercial Kitchens

microwave oven testing

PAT testing Microwave Ovens in Commercial Kitchens

PAT testing companies try to make a bit of extra cash carrying out additional tests on Microwave ovens; the truth is those fifty quid “radiation” meters they use are pretty useless, and will pick up readings from the technicians mobile phone!

A proper microwave test involves a bit more than waving a radiation meter around the door seal; measurements have to be taken to read how well the temperature is reached when food is cooked to ensure the microwave is producing the power it is meant to.

We only carry out microwave tests on ovens used for commercial purposes, so kitchens of hotels and restaurants for example, or those found in other forms of accommodation.

Ovens found in commercial kitchens require appropriate checks because the cook doesn’t want to be sending out food he thought was cooked with a cold spot in the middle, risking food poisoning.

If you run a commercial kitchen contact us for a PAT testing quote and we’ll include testing your microwave ovens.

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