Microwave Oven Testing

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Standard use Microwave Ovens, such as those in office kitchens don’t require any more tests than any other class I portable appliance, so we carry out just that as standard. 

Many of our competitors still carry out unnecessary emissions tests using poor standard equipment charging you extortionate amounts for the 30 second job. 

We do carry out appropriate tests on commercial use microwave ovens; these are ovens used in the likes of pubs and restaurants to heat food for re-sale. 

If your microwave doesn’t function correctly you risk serving undercooked food so it is worth getting this check done on a regular basis. 

Microwave Oven Testing kit

We will check the Microwave oven to confirm:

  • That excessive emissions are not leaking out
  • That the desired temperatures are being met
  • That sufficient power is being produced
  • That the door seal is in tact
  • That is has suitable ventilation
  • That it is clean (we don’t clean it)
  • That no rust has formed
  • That the door inter-lock works


According to a survey; 56% of microwave ovens used for more than 2 years can leak levels of radiation 10% higher than the safety standard of 5mW/cm² regulated by the FDA and EPA.


We provide enhanced Microwave Oven Testing that includes:

  1. Testing for micro-wave leakage, to comply with national standards on permitted exposure levels, to BS EN60335-2-25 and BS EN 60335-2-90, making sure that leakage should not exceed 5 mw/cm2 when measured at a distance of 50mm or more from the exterior of the appliance under test
  2. Assess microwave power and temperature rise using a measuring beaker and digital thermometer, over a 90 seconds period
  3. Check the door seals, edges of the door, the front window and any ventilation points

Microwave oven testing is done to comply with the following standards:

  • BS EN60335-2-25: Safety of household and similar electrical appliances – domestic microwave ovens
  • BS EN60335-2-90: Safety of household and similar electrical appliances – commercial microwave ovens

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