PAT Testing computers

PAT Testing computers

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We provide a PAT testing service for computers and all other electrical equipment; just get in touch and we’ll see what we can do for you – we provide cost effective PAT testing quotes, and an honest service – we’re professional and reliable at all times.

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PAT testing computers | office pat testing

PAT Testing Computers

If you require further information regarding the PAT Testing of computers please read on. Please also note we are not a training provider and do not expect you to copy what happens in our video, but if it helps then great. Please also note it is now a few years old, and not professionally produced.


PAT Testing computers in any environment is important but they may not need doing as often as you have been led to believe; whilst come companies continue to test their offices annually for the peace of mind some have made the most of regulations that deem their environment to be low risk.

Computers are considered to be a relatively low risk type of portable appliance and so you can benefit from this, however, before you decide how often they are going to need testing check the requirements of your insurance policies.

For example, PAT testing computers should be done a lot more often in a dirty factory than in a clean home office, which will need doing a lot less often than a call centre for example.

Computers in call centres get put on a desk by the IT team and rarely move until they are replaced, deeming them low risk from movement; but if they never get switched off they could still overheat and so that will change their risk category.

Making sure computers get turned off at the end of the day is not only a great way to help the environment, but it will save you money too.


PAT testing computers and other IT equipment

Whilst you’re thinking about where you can save on PAT Testing computers don’t forget about other IT equipment in the office that many people do – the servers; if the computers are turned off regularly why aren’t the servers?

Well, we know it’s because you are scared to, in case you lose important data but shouldn’t they be checked regularly too? If they can’t be turned off then we can do a thermal image survey instead which will find any areas of the system that are overheating.

If you’ve ever had to spend any time at work with your computer not working you’ll know how much we all rely on them. Regularly when we’re testing computers clients are left looking lost wondering what to do, perhaps using the unexpected time to have a much needed tidy up.

What we’re saying is if you want to make sure you don’t feel lost without your computer make sure you look after it, and making sure it is functioning correctly, properly maintained, regularly updated and testing it to make sure it is still safe to use are all essential tasks.

PAT testing the electrical components on your computer is essential to make sure it operates as it should, and it’s not going to hurt anyone if a fault develops.

That is why it is recommended that a programme of portable appliance testing is implemented for pat testing computers on a regular basis. In most places the computer will be a low risk; usually in a nice clean office where it’s unlikely to get wet, too cold or hot, or knocked into or bashed and so you won’t need testing too often but in other places where the risks are higher it’ll need testing more often.

If you want to know the best course of action for PAT testing computers in your workplace talk to me, or arrange a meeting. Let’s have a look at your installation and see how we can help you.

The following videos are quite old, but still provide value to those who may be interested.

PAT Testing a computer monitor

When PAT Testing a computer monitor you need to be aware of the exposed metal parts on the rear of the Visual Display Unit (the screen); in the area where the IEC lead plugs in there is exposed metal where the VGA cable plugs in which connects the monitor to the PC so you see the display on the screen. It’s from this area that you can get an earth reading. So when PAT Testing a computer monitor you carry out the class 1 IT PAT Test.

PAT Testing a computer monitor:

PAT testing a computer monitor:

Please remember these videos have been made whilst on jobs so they haven’t been filmed using professional film cameras.

So, when your computers need PAT testing, contact us; your no. 1 choice for PAT testing computers.


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