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DRA PAT Testing: providing a specialist Office PAT testing service in Newcastle upon Tyne and across the North East of England

Office PAT testing; PAT Testing office equipment is our specialist area. Having worked in office environments and with IT equipment for many years we are well suited to managing their safety and safe use.

We appreciate that you may fear the disruption a PAT test brings but our experience has shown that we cause a lot less disruption than some ‘national’ firms.

Being local we’re not in a rush to get to the next job, or to beat the traffic, when we are with you all our concentration is focused on ensuring your electrical equipment is safe.

We do this as quietly and efficiently as possible so as not to disturb your staff, although there will be a little bit that we can’t avoid as a computer will need switching off for a few minutes!

When we are checking IT equipment we will test the appliance and the power lead separately, as that is standard practice; and they will have their own records in our report. PC’s monitors, printers, leads, servers, kettles, etc. will all be tested and if required; the plug and or cable can be repaired.

For your peace of mind too, we use industry leading Seaward Apollo 600 test meters, which are designed to safely test sensitive IT equipment.

We have systems in place to guarantee minimal disruption to your staff and your business, with sensible guidance on retest periods and the ability to give you the peace of mind that not only do your appliances maintain safety standards but you remain complaint with the legal regulations at all times.

We have worked in literally hundreds of offices, from one-man offices in a business centre to call centres with hundreds of desks; we’ll work with you to ensure your electrical equipment maintains the required safety standards.

In addition to PAT we can also help you with your emergency lighting and fixed wiring inspections (EICR), and if needed can do thermal checks on your server.

Scroll down for some of the most frequently asked questions about testing in offices.

electrical plugs and fuses

Free Repairs & Parts

Plugs get damaged or the wrong fuse gets fitted; if we find a fault or repair that's needed we do it automatically, nearly always without charge
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Prompt PAT Test Certificates

We issue PAT testing Certificates within 5 days of the job completing; same day certificates can be arranged if you're really in a hurry
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Free Cable Tidying

Plugs and wires get messy in and around desks; some companies charge extra to sort them out - we do it automatically as we go to improve safety and efficiency

Frequently asked questions about Office PAT Testing

Why do I need my office PAT testing?

Why do I ned my office PAT testing? It’s a good question, with an easy answer – you are legally required to make sure equipment is maintained to a safe standard. Some argue that point but the law requires you to ensure your electrical equipment used in the office is safe to use at all times, which you need to be able to prove; regular PAT testing will do that. If you don’t do any maintenance; most office based businesses don’t, then you need it even more.

If you change your computers regularly, like every 2-3 years then you may not need them testing at all, and a simple visual inspection by a competent person may be enough, but not many places do that. Most places keep the same computers for years, and move them around frequently, creating a need to keep checking that they are still safe.

A computer that never moves for example is unlikely to ever get damaged; it may get too hot if it is never switched off, but could take a very long time before that is an issue, but if you move locations regularly there is a chance the unit could get knocked and damaged internally.

PAT testing is carried out on every appliance fitted with a plug; every lead, every computer, every printer, every monitor and so on. Even the integrated fridge in your kitchen needs regular checks, although perhaps not so much as a laptop lead.

Find out more about our electrical testing services or contact us for a no obligation PAT testing quotation.


How long does it take?

In an office we work on being able to complete around 250 items in a day, providing we can get to desks easily without having to wait around too long. This equates to approximately 30 desks. That’s around 4-5 desks an hour. Sometimes we do move quicker, but not too much quicker as that may affect the quality of our work, which you don’t want.

How often should we get the office PAT testing done?

Many offices get their testing done every year, which is perfectly fine and best practice. Getting appliances tested every year ensures you keep on top of things and any issues arising will likely get fixed before they become too much of an issue.

However, if you follow HSE guidance you don’t need to do that; your PAT engineer should be able to help you pick a suitable office PAT testing frequency using their experience but most will say a check every couple of years would suffice. It’s not always necessary to run a test using the tester; a visual inspection by the engineer may be sufficient.

However, if you have equipment that gets taken out of the office regularly, like the chargers for personal laptops we would recommend testing them every year.

How much does PAT Testing cost?

This is going to depend on the size of the job and other factors, but you should expect to pay a professional PAT testing company somewhere between £1 and £2 per appliance to be tested. However, usually there will be a minimum charge and most companies these days charge by the hour or a fixed rate rather than per item.

Do we have to test employees’ own equipment?

The law requires you to maintain electrical equipment to prevent danger, including any electrical equipment used by employees at work, whether it is their own or supplied by you. Additionally you are also required to maintain equipment that you lease (e.g. photocopiers).

We have staff working from home, do we have to test their equipment too?

As an employer you have a duty of care to your staff, whether they work at the office, in the field or at home; which means if you’re getting the office PAT testing done then you need to also get the engineers’ equipment that they keep in their vans, and the equipment used by staff in their home.

We can work with you to visit all staff in their homes to test their equipment, or (to save money) you could ask the employees to bring their equipment into the office to be tested – if you can get all staff to bring their equipment in and we do them in bulk that’ll be a big money saver for you.

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What our customers say


Excellent, friendly and efficient service. We have a lot of staff that work flexibly and Richard was happy to pop back at a later date to test their equipment which we hadn’t initially mentioned. Would recommend DRA to any organisation that needs appliance testing carried out. 

Jackson Hogg Recruitment, Newcastle


These guys were recommended to us and they came in recently to do the PAT Testing. The service was first class and report very professionally presented in an easy to understand format. It is rare I give 5 stars in a review however in this case it is thoroughly deserved and would recommend DRA PAT Testing Limited to any organisation 

Dacon Fabrication


Thank you so much DRA PAT Testing. The process to book testing was very easy, and Richard could fit in the exact time frame we had. The tester had spare parts and was very professional and efficient. Great value, and respectful of covid guidelines. I would highly recommend and we will be using DRA Testing in a years time.

Nesma Marketing

✅ Same day PAT Test Certificates
✅ Free remedial repairs and replacement parts
✅ Appointments available 24 / 7 at no extra cost
✅ All of the North East covered
✅ Ensures compliance with Health & Safety
✅ Ensures your insurance policy is valid
✅ Prompt reminders for retests
✅ Testing from just £1 per item
  • Free remedial repairs

  • Free replacement plugs & fuses

  • Free guidance on retests

  • Unique appliance ID numbers

  • Data recorded in our database for life

  • PAT Test Certificates issued within a few days

  • All of North East covered

  • A personalised service every time

  • Timely reminders for retests

  • Optional Microwave emissions tests

  • Fixed appliance testing available 

  • Discounts for fixed wiring inspections (EICR)


We’ve used Richard for the last 4 years, always sends reminders and is very competitive price wise. Nothing is a hassle and I’d recommend him for any work in his field.

Energy Company, Washington


Great service, used this company for a few years running and we are never disappointed. Very friendly and professional, we happily recommend to others and will continue to use then in the future

Advertising Company, Co. Durham


Definately recommend , they were on time, and very professional. Worked through our office very quickly. The final invoice was a pleasant surprise too so great value for money.

Airline Company, Bournemouth

Call: 0191 6661009


If you get the opportunity for a day rate take it; we did and we saved a lot of money. Richard guarantees that if they test more but the work doesn’t take any longer they don’t charge any more. We ended up with nearly 100 free tests! 

Finance House, Newcastle 


Always had excellent service from Richard, he’s looked after our rental properties for years now, and always turns up on time and does a great job. Highly recommend him!

Landlord of multiple properties, Newcastle


We came across DRA last year having been recommended to use them for our office PAT testing. We obtained a number of quotes and DRA were the most competitive. They duly completed the work. Found their service exemplary. We were duly contacted by Richard this year 4 weeks ahead of our renewal date to remind us that the PAT testing was due for renewal. We had no hesitation in asking his firm to complete the work. They have been out and we are compliant for another 12 months. They provide a great service and would highly recommend. They politely remind you when the testing is due for renewal so you are always protected.

Accountants, Gateshead 

Call us to arrange your office PAT Testing: 01916661009


Highly recommend Richard from DRA PAT Testing, use them every year as they offer a great service at a competitive price. Extremely efficient and professional.

Tax Assistants, Newcastle


Excellent, friendly and efficient service. We have a lot of staff that work flexibly and Richard was happy to pop back at a later date to test their equipment which we hadn’t initially mentioned. Would recommend DRA to any organisation that needs appliance testing carried out. 

Jackson Hogg Recruitment, Newcastle


DRA has looked after my company’s PAT testing for a number of years. They always send a reminder when our test is due, work quickly and efficiently and to a very high standard. Friendly, affordable and reliable.

Moo TV, Morpeth

As specialists in office PAT Testing we can really help you comply with the regulations; we tidy cables as we go and relay them for optimum performance. We will even look to reduce the number of extension leads you have in place. 

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We cover all areas of the North East of England including Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Co. Durham and North Yorkshire

10 Top tips for a safer office

  1. Make sure cables are not under carpets to avoid damage
  2. Make sure you know what plug is for what appliance, so it can be quickly disconnected if there is an accident
  3. Don’t hide sockets behind filing cabinets, shelves and photocopiers
  4. Make sure appliances have adequate ventilation
  5. If using desk trunking, don’t just force the cables in there, place them neatly to avoid tension
  6. Don’t put liquids (eg drinks) on top of electrical appliances
  7. Don’t position appliances where it needs the lead to be stretched
  8. Make sure equipment in use has all its safety features (like sides)
  9. Reduce the amount of extension leads you’re using, and don’t daisy chain them
  10. Keep cables tidy or use our cable management service     

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