PAT testing office equipment and in offices

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PAT testing in offices

We specialise in PAT testing office equipment and in office-based based environments. 

Office equipment such as computers, printers, kitchen appliances etc. can get faulty but the chances of that happening are much lower than in higher risk environments. 

Equipment in offices, such as a computer on a desk rarely moves and so the chances of it being damaged are very low, so there may not be a need to PAT Test it as often as on a building site for example; quite often PAT Testing of office equipment may need to be done only once in 3-5 years. 

If you’re getting PAT testing done every year, contact us, even if you’re not yet due, get us out for a chat, and we’ll show you how can reduce your current PAT testing frequency to save you money. 

More information is available on PAT Testing office equipment from the HSE in this guidance document. 

Office Manager working at a computer looking at PAT testing quotes for the office

In an office you’ll buy a new computer, put it on a desk, run the cables through a little hole into ‘trunking’ and connect them to a socket block or directly into a floor socket. You then won’t move that computer (in most cases) until you replace it. 

If this sounds familiar, then the chances of that computer becoming defective are very slim so the risk analysis will be low. 

When the PAT Tester comes along he’ll need to unplug the lead, pull it back up through the hole and disconnect it from the computer to test it – that has put more strain on the lead that it normally gets, so the risk assessment would show that PAT tests conducted too often would increase the risk so, there is argument to reduce the PAT testing frequency. So it is widely accepted that PAT testing computers could be done every 3-5 years and they’d still be safe to use. 

It’s a similar story for printers, photocopiers, etc. Even some kitchen appliances fall into this category, such as the milk fridge and the microwave oven. 

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