Office-based equipment PAT Testing

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Need your Office PAT testing?

pat testing office equipment, PAT testing computers | office pat testingYou’re in the right place – we specialise in PAT testing office equipment.

Offices are predominantly low risk work environments; computers, printers etc. hardly ever move and come under little strain so the chances of faults occurring are very slim. 

As a result there is usually no need to get such appliances PAT tested every year, but most people still do. 

This however doesn’t mean you can just ignore it and do nothing. You are still required by law to ensure electrical appliances maintain safe standards so a degree of inspection and testing of the appliances must be carried out. 

Many of our competitors will simply come back year after year, which is no bad thing, as it’s going to ensure your equipment remains safe, as required, but it can be a waste of money in some cases. 

There’s no need for annual PAT Testing

The HSE, who we all aim to please, doesn’t recommend annual tests, but a multitude of complicated frequencies based on the environment, use and class of the appliance, which we can work to but baffles most, so we prefer this option:

Initially we will inspect every appliance, and for those that need it we will do our tests using a PAT machine. Then in 2 years time we will return and inspect/test all your appliances, then 2 years after that we’ll do the same. It may even be possible to extend this term to 4-yearly. 

In some circumstances some hand-held or kitchen appliances may need doing every year, or in particularly higher risk offices the 2-year rule may not be applicable, but in most places we can save you money by skipping a year. 

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We can also:

  • Check sockets are wired correctly
  • Tidy up messy cables

Free Repairs:

  • We repair plugs and the flexible cable
  • We replace faulty plugs and fuses

Minimal disruption

  • We’ll work with you to ensure minimal disruption to your business
  • We can book appointments at weekends

Office pat testing shouldn't need to be every year

Top Tip for office computer safety:

Turn off computers at the end of the day; not only does this help the environment and reduce electricity usage but it gives the fan a rest reducing the chances of the computer overheating.