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PAT Test Certificate

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How to get a PAT test Certificate

We get a lot of calls from people who want a PAT testing certificate, but they expect us to just send them one. That’s not possible without having first tested the appliances the certificate is for, which is what do.

So we need to arrange to visit your home or workplace to test your electrical appliances after which we will provide you with an itemised report and overall certificate. It is actually the itemised report and any guidance we can give you for improving safety that is important, not the actual certificate (which doesn’t really do much if we’re honest). 

PAT Testing Certificate example

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PAT testing Certificates

In order to comply with work regulations electrical equipment must maintain safety standards; to prove this has been done most people get PAT testing done. After its been done they are sent a PAT testing Certificate. The Certificate confirms PAT has been completed and equipment that has passed is safe. 

However contrary to popular belief, the certificate is not a single document saying “this certificate confirms..” but is actually a record of all appliances tested and the results obtained.

The results obtained by the tests that took place are shown next to the appliance, these include; result of the visual inspection (arguably the most important part of the test), result of the earth test carried out on appliances that require an earth for safety, result of the insulation test which is carried out on all appliances with exposed metal parts, and the result of the Polarity test which is carried out on power cords that have an earth wire (e.g. extension and IEC leads). Other Tests may be carried out that we don’t show the results for, such as if a socket tester or voltage meter has been used. 

The results are more beneficial if they show the electrical readings but that isn’t necessary and some don’t provide it; sometimes a simple pass or fail is sufficient providing you know what it means. We alway provide reports with readings, unless you tell us not to. 

The results are broken down into locations at your site, for example, separating the main office from the meeting room, and from the kitchens. 

When a PAT certificate is issued it confirms that the client for whom the equipment has been tested is complying with the regulations by having their appliances tested, to make sure they are safe. 

The certificate is evidence that the responsible person is taking steps to ensure safety of users of equipment. 

The PAT Testing Certificate must show the address where the testing took place, the name and address of the company that did the testing, the date of the test and it is recommended but not essential, that an expiry date be shown. After all the results of the test are only as good as the time they are done; the tester can’t guarantee the appliance will stay in that condition until X date. 

The PAT testing certificate doesn’t show the list of appliances or their results, that is for the report; the certificate is an official document that provides proof that appliances have been tested so that business owners can confirm their compliance with the regulations. 

If you want to know more about what PAT testing can do for you check out our blog on the best benefits of PAT testing.  

If you receive a list of appliances with no readings on then you have no clear evidence of what has been done, and the report is not complete. 

We provide every client with:

  1. the opportunity to check the engineers work and sign off the job sheet before he leaves
  2. a full report and certificate, emailed as a pdf, within 5 days of the job being done
  3. a record of your reports kept on our servers for as long as you are a client
  4. recommendations on what to do with failed appliances
  5. recommendations for PAT testing frequencies
  6. an automatic booking system, for future retests, provided to you with your PAT Report, and a reminder nearer the time

The report is sent to you as one pdf document attached to an email address. 

Get a PAT Testing Certificate

If you need a PAT testing certificate contact us today to arrange for your PAT testing

Here’s some independent info on what is required from a PAT Certificate

See our PAT Testing Certificate page here for more information. 

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