Do you need a PAT Testing Service Provider near you?

Look no further – we are the North East’s leading PAT testing company

Our experienced PAT testers come to your work or home to inspect, maintain and test electrical equipment to make sure it is safe to continue using, as is required by Health and Safety at Work. 

We guide our clients on risk-based retest periods, and provide PAT Testing Certificate Reports by the end of the week

Our PAT Testing Service

Our engineers are fully qualified, or training to become qualified (trainees always work with experienced, qualified engineers). A fully qualified PAT testing engineer will attend your site to carry out portable appliance testing of your electrical equipment, on the date and time agreed with you. All appliances will be inspected and tested in accordance with the IET Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment (the industry standard).

Our engineers hold enhanced DBS checks, and have also undergone extensive security checks through Durham Police.

Every appliance on site will be visually inspected by the engineer and tested for electrical safety. Any appliances that need repair will be repaired where possible, or further action taken.

If there are appliances you don’t want turning off such as server or CCTV systems we will carry out the best visual inspection we can.

If appliances have had their plug removed and then hard wired into the mains via a spur unit, we will inspect them, and test for earth continuity (if an earthed appliance). We recommend these appliances also get a full fixed appliance test every 5 years from install, or inline with your EICR.

If you have staff working off site; from home or engineers on the road, we recommend you get them in to test their kit too, or we can go to them.

Likewise, if you have appliances kept in drawers and cupboards, you should get them out ready.

Each appliance that passes will be labelled with a unique ID number and will state the test date.

If any appliances are deemed unsafe and can’t be repaired they will ‘fail’ the inspection. The engineer will advise you what to do next. The report will also include this information.

We will talk to you about your plans for retests – perhaps you have a fire risk assessment that outlines how often appliances should be tested, or you may prefer our guidance. Either way, we will put this period into the report, and book future appointments into our diaries, so we ensure your compliance is never compromised by missing a retest date. We will send you reminders when next tests are due.

Upon completion of the job you will be sent a fully comprehensive PAT testing Certificate and Report, usually within a few days of the job.

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With over 25 years combined PAT testing experience, we aim to offer the very best appliance testing service in Newcastle upon Tyne, the North East and throughout the UK


We are City & Guilds qualified, PAT Testing Expert trained, CHAS accredited, and DBS Checked so you can be assured of the best possible service from specialist engineers that will do a thorough job.

Value for Money

Our PAT testing prices are very competitive especially considering the high standards we provide; we don’t rush jobs and thoroughly inspect every appliance. Contact us today for a free PAT testing quote

PAT Testing service near me in the North East

DRA PAT Testing have been providing electrical equipment inspection services in the North East and throughout the UK since 2009, and currently have more 5-star Google reviews than any competitor. 

We provide electrical testing services in workplaces such as offices, schools, salons, shops, catering, hotels, etc as well as for home workers

We are CHAS accredited contractors and approved members of the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association 

We are based in Newcastle upon Tyne and cover all of the North East of England. 

Why do we need to get PAT testing done?

In every business someone has to be responsible for managing health and safety, and it is that person who must ensure electrical equipment that the business owns, is safe to use at all times, as is required by the Electricity at Work Regulations. PAT testing is the best way to check an electrical appliance is safe, and to assess whether maintenance is required.

Regular PAT tests check if an appliance is safe, or if repairs are needed, and in most cases the engineer doing the tests should be able to complete the repairs. The PAT tests will also help to assess the risks associated with the appliances being used at work.

Regular PAT tests helps to reduce the risk of fire, through fault finding and resolution; and in turn fire risk assessments require regular PAT testing to be carried out to reduce the risk to the business.

Regular PAT tests help to identify counterfeit equipment and recalled products, thus helping to remove dangerous equipment from the workplace.

Regular PAT tests are usually required as part of an insurance policy, or for health and safety accreditation. For example most commercial insurers require annual PAT tests to be carried out, to reduce the risk of electrical accident insurance claims.

PAT tests are required for Government led licensing requirements, such as for caravan lettings, licensed premises, medical centre inspections, etc.

These are just a few of the many good reasons why you should get your electrical equipment PAT tested.

When we do PAT testing for our clients we carry out repairs automatically, usually free of charge, do additional checks on Microwave ovens, assess the safety of equipment use in your workplace, recommend appropriate retest periods and get your PAT test Certificate to you within 5 days.

What are the benefits of PAT Testing?

PAT testing improves safety in the workplace as is required by the Health and Safety at Work Act

✅  Regular electrical inspection and testing helps you ensure electrical equipment is safe

✅  PAT assesses the suitability of an appliance for the environment it is being used in (to help you comply with) The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998

  PAT testing records can be used to demonstrate compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 

✅  Regular PAT testing helps you to comply with The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992

✅  Regular electrical tests in rental property help you comply with The Housing Act 2004 (England and Wales)

✅  PAT tests before the start of a tenancy help a landlord comply with The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s guidance

✅  Regular PAT tests help you comply with The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016

✅  If the plug of an appliance doesn’t meet the Plugs and sockets etc. (Safety) Regulations 1994 we will change it for one that does.