PAT Testing Prices – what does PAT Testing cost?

PAT Testing Prices – what does PAT Testing cost?2019-03-13T15:40:50+00:00

How much does PAT Testing cost?

“DRA PAT Testing offers the best possible price for such a high standard of service”

Everyone is looking for the cheapest price these days, but when it comes to safeguarding you shouldn’t be cutting corners. PAT Testing costs what it costs – how can you put a price on safety? 

We recommend you to contact us to discuss your requirements before we can give you a price per item/for the job. 

We can charge per item or per hour but we’ll always give you an estimated full price for the job, so their are no shocks when you get the invoice. 

Our standard rates are

We charge a £25.00 initial fee which covers our costs such as travel then a per item rate of:

£1.00 per item for standard 230v appliances (up to 13amp)

£1.50 per item for 110v (yellow) and 3-phase 230v (blue) adapted appliances

£2.50 per item for 415v (red) adapted appliances

£2.00 per Microwave oven to include emissions tests (in normal environments)

£5.00 per Microwave oven to include emissions, power and temperature rise tests for commercial use (restaurants, pubs, hotels, cafe’s etc.)

*The minimum invoice value is £45.00

*For building sites the minimum charge is £125.00 including up to 50 items

*VAT will be added to the invoice