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What does PAT testing cost?

What does PAT testing cost? The cost of a PAT test is dependent on various factors including:

  • How many appliances need testing
  • What the working environment is (e.g. school, factory, etc.)
  • How many repairs we expect to make
  • How far we have to travel to do the work

When you get in touch we have to take these factors, and others into account to determine the best PAT testing price we can give you. Whilst we do have a standard price, it could be that the price we want to quote you differs from that, up or down.

If we can get to you within about 30 minutes and you’re business is office-based or a school then you are going to benefit from cheaper costs; if you only require a small number of items testing then you’re going to pay a minimum charge to cover the time and if we have to travel more than an hour then we may need to charge extra for the time we lose from work, by driving further.

But the biggest consideration of all, is how many appliances you have to test, and whether you get your calculations right – as getting it wrong will be the biggest kicker.

When you ask for a quote we price a fixed amount based on these factors, with extra fees to be applied for more appliances. If you get the calculations spot on then there will be no surprises later, but if you’re under then the invoice is going to be higher. Where people also slip up is the use a number higher than what they have, and then end up paying more, just because they thought by giving a higher number they’ll get a cheaper per item price.

Testing one item, whether we have 20 to do or 2000, takes the same amount of time.

Our PAT Testing Prices

Our PAT testing prices range from 70p per item for hundreds or thousands of items in offices and schools, to £1.00 per item for smaller numbers. We charge slightly higher rates for industrial environments and building sites. We do charge minimum fees when total numbers are smaller. We also do not quote our full prices on here because our competitors will use that to their advantage.

However what we do promise, is the price we quote you will be the price we charge you; we don’t change that price after the job. Also that price is fixed for the next 3 years at least.

Whether you consider the PAT testing cost value for money is up to you, but when you take into account that as a duty holder for a business it may be your responsibility if someone gets electrocuted you should see the benefit in paying for a proper service to be carried out, rather than the cheapest bidder who is likely to cut corners.

We may not be the cheapest pat testing provider but we are one of the best; we provide you with the peace of mind that your electrical equipment is safe because we have done a thorough, un-rushed job.

PAT Testing costs £30.00 for a landlord

Minimum Prices based on locations

Location Minimum Price Including up to (number of) items
All North Tyneside locations £30.00 20
Newcastle upon Tyne £35.00 20
Gateshead, Washington, South Shields, Cramlington, Blyth, Ponteland, Prudhoe, Ryton £45.00 20
Sunderland, Chester le Street, Durham, Morpeth, Beamish, Stanley, Seaham £55.00 30
Peterlee, Hartlepool, Stockton, Bowburn, Middlesbrough North & West £65.00 40
Middlesbrough South & East, Darlington, Alnwick, Hexham, Rothbury £75.00 50
Anywhere else Contact us

The following are included in the price:

  • All equipment running off standard plugs and AC/DC adaptors

  • Earth continuity checks on standard portable appliances that have been hard-wired

  • Remedial repairs to the plug, fuse, cable and appliance

  • Replacement 13amp plugs and 3, 5, 10, 13 amp fuses

  • A fully itemised PAT Testing Certificate and Report

The following may cost extra to do:

  • Industrial and commercial kitchen appliances with 415v adaptors

  • Industrial and commercial kitchen appliances with 3-phase adaptors

  • Replacement flexible cables

  • Socket Tests

  • Microwave tests for power and temperature rise

Other PAT Testing costs

Fitted appliances

Some electrical appliances are not plugged in, but hard wired. Those need testing too, however, not necessarily by a PAT tester – the appliances that were originally made with a plug on, like a tea urn, or an electric radiator will need testing by us; we do an earth continuity check inline with the PAT, and recommend a full fixed test inline with the EICR, usually every 5 years.

Other electrical appliances such as showers should be checked by your electrician when he/she does the fixed wiring inspection (EICR).

Industrial appliances

Pricing for these appliances is dependent on the full job; if it’s just these appliances to be tested the prices below apply, but if they are to be tested alongside other equipment you’ll be given a price including them (unless you don’t tell us about them).

  • 110v adaptors up to 32amps – inline with quoted price
  • 230v adaptors up to 32amps – inline with quoted price
  • 110v or 230v 32amps – £2.50 each
  • 415v adaptors up to 32amps – £2.50 each

Please note – we do not test fixed industrial equipment

Microwave Ovens

Microwave ovens are PAT tested like all other appliances, but they require additional checks including:

  • The door lock works
  • The door seal is in good condition
  • There are no excessive emissions leaking

These checks are done at £2.50 per oven, automatically

In commercial environments where the oven is used to cook food to be sold, the oven also need checking for power and temperature rise to make sure it is functioning correctly. This test costs £7.50 per oven, but is only done on advanced request.

Landlords per property

With rental property a landlord has to PAT test the electrical appliances they provide to make sure they’re safe for the tenant to use. A landlord should know which appliances they provide, but in most cases it’s just the usual stationery kitchen equipment like fridges, washing machines and cookers.

For landlords we charge just £37.50 for up to 20 items (+vat) or £30.00 for up to 10 items.

For more information check out our Landlords PAT testing page.

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Our PAT testing Price

Our prices are dependent on the job requirements, but in general you should expect to pay between 75p and £1.00 per item (high numbers to lower numbers); with lower numbers commanding a minimum charge to make the appointment worthwhile. There is a slightly higher charge for industrial equipment. 

What does PAT testing cost?

You want to know what a PAT test is going to cost you, we understand so we’re going to tell you… but don’t just think “that’s too much” and go elsewhere – get in touch and tell us what you need doing, and we may be able to offer you a better price. 

We charge just £1.00 per item, with discounts for high numbers in certain environments – all our price options are not listed here, so get in touch. We charge a small initial fee to cover our travel costs, and offer that plus the number of items you are wanting a quote for, as a fixed price to start the job. 

More information on our prices is below. 

The price for PAT testing is worked out based on an assumption of how long the job will take and what it will involve based on the number of items to test, and what you do. 

For example, a job in a primary school usually takes a day, so our prices are based on our day rate, to keep the cost down for you. Or we can expect to test around 300 items in an office in one day so we price based on our day rate; our day rate works out better for you than our per item rate. 

But a job in a factory, or on a building site is going to lead to dirty clothes so we can’t go to another job afterwards, so that needs taking into account too. There’s also going to be the added time it takes to inspect industrial adaptors and to test them using test adaptors, so we have to think of that as well. 

For your information our service is quick and efficient; disruption to your business is minimal, but we don’t rush. We promise to inspect fully every appliance, and to test what needs testing. We will carry out any repairs necessary including replacing fuses and plugs, and we usually do that for free. We aim to remove old labels, and apply ours neatly, and we provide you with a PDF document of your PAT testing Certificate Report. 

We don’t offer a Cheap PAT Testing price but the PAT testing price you pay us is cost-effective, affordable and value for money. 

Cheap prices often mean cheap quality; the cheaper the price the more items the engineers needs to record to make money, so they cut corners, and that puts users at risk. When it is you that is responsible if there is an accident you really need to think about that when choosing which company to use. 

The best PAT testing cost would be a sensible one; one where the engineer takes his time and does a thorough job – you’ve heard of cowboy electricians? There are cowboy PAT testers too. A good PAT tester is a competent person, capable of doing a good job; he’ll take the time he needs to check the appliance thoroughly and carry out any repairs necessary. 

A happy customer has not had an electric shock! 

We are a small business; we are a small team and the business is built on foundations of providing a quality service all the time, where we are recommended by our clients and have more 5-star reviews on Google than any other North East PAT Testing company. 

Another benefit to that is that if you are in an industrial environment, the price for testing 110 volt equipment is the same as for 230 volt; most companies charge more for that.

You also will find that we can also test 3-phase and fixed appliances, which not everyone can as not many PAT testers are actually electrical trained.

Minor repairs, replacement plugs and fuses are fixed automatically, FREE of charge. 

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What our clients say


Thank you so much Richard! Richard arranged and kindly did PAT Testing for all the equipment in my clinic, he attended perfectly on time, made sure it’s arranged around the time I can be free. He even had spare parts and just changed them for me straightaway. He is very genuine, professional and kind. Great value in compare with other companies and very trustworthy. I’ve already asked him to book me in for my next tests and I definitely recommend him.

Beauty Clinic, Gosforth

Call: 0191 6661009
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What our clients say


DRA has looked after my company’s PAT testing for a number of years. They always send a reminder when our test is due, work quickly and efficiently and to a very high standard. Friendly, affordable and reliable

Television Production Company, Newcastle

What our clients say


We used DRA Pat testing for the first time recently, they were very competitively priced and very professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone in the future and have already arranged next years PAT test to be done by them. Thanks very much for making this a quick and painless process

Timber Merchant, North Shields

Our clients include

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Our Portable Appliance Testing service includes

pat testing machine seaward Apollo 600

Risk-based retests

red pat testing plug

Repairs and Plugs

pat testing certificate example

PAT Test Certificates

Automatic risk assessments to guide you to the most appropriate PAT testing frequency for compliance

Free Repairs to the existing plug and cable, supply and fit of replacement plugs and fuses 

Itemised easy to follow PAT Testing Certificate Report includes all data needed for compliance 

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Why Choose DRA PAT Testing?

We believe in keeping it simple; we run our business professionally, and provide good customer service but we don’t over complicate. We do what needs doing, we ensure equipment is safe and that you are compliant, and we do it with minimal fuss. We find out customers appreciate that.

✅ PAT Test Certificate Report with results by PDF
✅ Free remedial repairs to the plug and cable
✅ Free replacement plugs and fuses
✅ Automatic Cable Management
✅ Guidance on retest intervals inline with HSE
✅ Ongoing improving safety support
✅ Automatic reminders for retests, saving you time
✅ Microwave emissions tests included
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