PAT Testing price: What does PAT testing cost you?

PAT Testing price: What does PAT testing cost you?2020-01-16T22:51:02+00:00
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What does our PAT testing cost you?

PAT testing is a necessary evil that everyone has to get done but no-one wants to get done, but going for the cheapest price still isn’t the best policy, as cheap prices usually mean rushed work, corner cutting and mistakes. When it is you that is responsible you need to be sure you’re going to get a good service. 

We charge £1.00 per item because it is fair, and means we can do our work at a good rate for us, not rushed, which in turn gives you the peace of mind that your equipment has been tested correctly and is safe for continued use.  

However, this does not mean we’re expensive. Our prices are average for the region, and relatively cheap for larger numbers. 

For every job there is a £25.00 initial fee, this covers our initial costs; then we charge £1.00 per item. 

Discounts are available for certain jobs, usually based on the numbers of items that need testing.  

  • £25.00 initial then £1.00 per item
  • If you have more than 125 items we don’t charge the initial fee
  • If you have more than 225 items all additional items are just 75p each

Alternatively we charge £45.00 for the first hour then £37.50 for each additional hour. 

No matter what the agreed rate we do not charge to replace plugs and fuses. 

*Standard equipment is normal electrical equipment that we all use every day, with standard 3-pin UK plugs on, on intended to (such as fixed appliances). 

Non Standard (Industrial-use) Equipment

We determine industrial or non-standard equipment to be any appliance that does not have a standard 3-pin plug (or intended to have one) but has an industrial adaptor usually coloured yellow, blue or red for 110 volt, 230 volt and 415 volt equipment. 

Please note: we do not carry 415volt and over 32amp adaptors every day, so you must advise us in advance if you have any of these to test. 

For work including these appliances we charge £1.25 per item for 110v and 230v equipment, and 

£1.75 per item for 415v equipment

There is a minimum charge of £75.00 including the first 40 items, unless included in a standard job. 


All quoted work includes:

  • Thorough visual inspection of all items tested
  • Appropriate testing of appliances as required including earth continuity tests on fixed appliances
  • Risk analysis for each appliance
  • Full report and PAT Testing Certificate
  • All labels used
  • Supply of and rewiring of BS1363 plugs and fuses
  • All our expenses covered

The PAT testing quotes we provide are based on your requirements and reflect the risks of the work to be carried out.

Free Site Surveys

For larger sites we offer a free onsite survey in advance of the appointment to ensure the quotation is accurate. 

Fixed Wiring Systems and appliances

Our quotations are based upon the inspection requirements of each individual site and will reflect the number of circuits to be tested and the availability of circuit data. For larger sites we provide a free onsite survey by our electrician to ensure an accurate quotation.

  • Full visual inspection and testing 
  • Full report and Certification known as the EICR

For further information or to receive a free no-obligation quotation, please use our online chat, contact us by telephone: 0191 6661009, email: or simply complete our online form and we will contact you asap.

PAT testing prices – what does PAT Testing cost? 

For more than 10 years DRA PAT Testing has been offering an unrivalled cost effective service across the North East; our competitive rates depend on the type of equipment you need testing, the location, the working environment and the number of appliances. 

We price jobs based on our costs covered travelling to you and parking charges, through an initial fee or minimum charge, then a price per item or hourly rate based on the number of items and environment. Combined they make the total price we quote for the job with additional charges based on extra items, on a per item rate. 

Wherever you are and whatever you have to test get in touch for a personal price.