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Looking for a reliable PAT testing company in Newcastle and the North East?

  • FAST efficient testing with minimal disruption to your workplace or home
  • Pre-printed labels and full itemised report with the certificate (unlike others!)
  • Same price to test 110v and 230v equipment, with NO hidden charges
  • Repairs and replacement parts included in the price
  • Messy cables tidied and re-organised as we go
  • Fixed PAT testing price to reduce the chance of invoices being higher than quotes
  • Free guidance on retest periods and complimentary ongoing support
  • Over 10 years domestic, commercial and industrial PAT Testing experience
  • PAT Testing & Electrical Condition Report Bundle Deals (Save £s)

What are our PAT testing prices?

What does PAT testing cost?

Many people who enquire seem to think that the best PAT testing cost is the cheapest, and as we are living in a world where everybody is looking for a bargain we totally get that, but we would like you consider a few things first.

Cheap PAT testing usually leads to quantity over quality; in the past twenty years PAT testing prices have been driven down by so called ‘national’ suppliers who take on big contracts of thousands of items and offer very low rates per item. They can do this because of two main reasons; 1. they get a lot of work because of the price offer so smaller jobs can be offset against bigger jobs and 2. they employ minimum wage staff and sub-contractors on even lower per item rates, then target them to hit huge daily numbers; if they hit the number they make a basic wage. Lets see; ABC company charge you 65p per item, and they pay a sub-contractor 20p per item; to make £100 that day the engineer has to record 500 items. That is impossible when the job is done correct. A fast speed is around 30-40 items an hour; which doesn’t add up to 500. They manage to achieve it because they skip the visual inspection, the most important part of PAT testing – putting you at risk. 

The best PAT testing cost would be a sensible one; one where the engineer takes his time and does a thorough job – you’ve heard of cowboy electricians? There are cowboy PAT testers too. A good PAT tester is a competent person, capable of doing a good job; he’ll take the time he needs to check the appliance thoroughly and carry out any repairs necessary. This person is usually self employed, running his own business or a representative of that business. These people take pride in their work and care about their clients’ safety. They also depend on good reviews and word of mouth recommendations so they need happy customers. 

A happy customer has not had an electric shock! 

We are a small business; we are a small team and the business is built on foundations of providing a quality service all the time, where we are recommended by our clients and have more 5-star reviews on Google than any other North East PAT Testing company. 

The PAT testing price you pay to us is both affordable and good value, the added benefit is it includes all remedial repairs, replacement plugs and fuses. 

We price each job on its own merits, of course we have our standard per item rates but we always recommend you contact us for a price, as we quote jobs based on the time we expect the job to take, based on our hourly/day rates. 

The other benefit to that is that if you are in an industrial environment, the price for testing 110 volt equipment is the same as for 230 volt; most companies charge more for that.

You also will find that we can also test 3-phase and fixed appliances, which not everyone can as not many PAT testers are actually electrical trained.

Minor repairs, replacement plugs and fuses are fixed automatically, FREE of charge. 

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What our clients say


Thank you so much Richard! Richard arranged and kindly did PAT Testing for all the equipment in my clinic, he attended perfectly on time, made sure it’s arranged around the time I can be free. He even had spare parts and just changed them for me straightaway. He is very genuine, professional and kind. Great value in compare with other companies and very trustworthy. I’ve already asked him to book me in for my next tests and I definitely recommend him.

Beauty Clinic, Gosforth

Call: 0191 6661009
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The PAT Testing Price

Our PAT testing price is both affordable and worth it; you’re going to get peace of mind that your equipment is safe, all the paperwork you need to prove compliance and advice on the best retest periods to not only match your workplace requirements but to save money too.

The prices we quote are based on the time we expect a job to take, the environment we’ll be working in and how many appliances there are to test, plus the travel time. We quote based on an hourly rate of £45.00 for the first hour then £37.50 for each hour thereafter, but depending on your working environment the equivalent per item rate will move up or down from our standard £1.00 per item rate.

  • £45.00 including 20 items then £1.00 per item thereafter, with discounts for larger numbers, or
  • £45.00 for the first hour, then £37.50 per hour thereafter (much more efficient for you). 

We always charge £45.00 for the first hour, then pro-rata after that. Some people prefer a per item rate which is fine, if that is the case it’s the first hour including up to 20 items, then a per item rate from then on.

Remember though that we

  • do not charge to repair existing plugs and cables, and will supply and fit new plugs and fuses completely free of charge.   
  • do not carry out unnecessary socket tests that some companies charge extra for
  • do not carry out unnecessary microwave leakage tests that cheaper suppliers charge for
  • use pre-printed professional PAT testing labels
  • give you guidance on risk-based retest periods and recommend intervals in keeping with the environment and appliance use
  • send your PAT testing Certificate and itemised report with electrical readings as a PDF document by email the same day as you pay 

In addition, at no extra cost we provide guidance on risk-based retest periods so that your future costs are kept to a minimum and offer all our clients complimentary ongoing support. 

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What our clients say


Definately recommend , they were on time, and very professional. Worked through our office very quickly. The final invoice was a pleasant surprise too so great value for money

Engineering Company, Bournemouth

Call: 0191 6661009
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Local PAT Testing

You may benefit if you are based local to any of our engineers; as it costs us less time to get to you we will be able to consider the circumstances to offer you a reduced rate; if you are based in or near to Wallsend, North Shields or Blyth contact us as we may be able to do you a better price. Local pat testing is where you can save some money. 

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Get a full PAT Test Certificate (results as well as labels) with minimal disruption to your business

PAT, or Portable Appliance Testing is a routine safety inspection of electrical appliances (fitted with a plug) to make sure they meet legal electrical safety requirements. DRA PAT Testing carry out PAT testing in Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead, Durham, Sunderland, Northumberland and all surrounding areas in workplaces and homes.

We have over 500 regular clients and more 5-Star reviews on Google than any other local PAT testing company because we actually care about your safety – for us the importance of our work is to give you peace of mind that your equipment is safe; not how many stickers we can put on. 

We promise you that we will carry out repairs to ensure your equipment is safe, and provide you with a fully itemised PAT Test Certificate to ensure you comply with the regulations. We will do this at a time that is convenient to you (we operate 24/7) within minimal disruption to your business or home. 

We do all this at affordable, competitive PAT testing prices usually at a fixed rate so there are no shocks when the invoice comes in. 

We are also able to offer electrical testing for fixed appliances, your main wiring installation and emergency lighting.

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What our clients say


DRA has looked after my company’s PAT testing for a number of years. They always send a reminder when our test is due, work quickly and efficiently and to a very high standard. Friendly, affordable and reliable

Television Production Company, Newcastle


We used DRA Pat testing for the first time recently, they were very competitively priced and very professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone in the future and have already arranged next years PAT test to be done by them. Thanks very much for making this a quick and painless process

Timber Merchant, North Shields

PAT testing for Landlords

Landlords PAT testing is a best practice process; there is no official legal requirement to do it, but it makes a lot of sense if you do. For example, if an appliance develops a fault and the tenant gets a shock, an investigation will want to know if you have done “everything reasonably practicable” to ensure the tenant was safe. 

A PAT test Certificate would show that testing has been carried out, and the appliance was deemed safe, so you did do what you needed to. 

In Newcastle upon Tyne, the council requires landlords to PAT test electrical appliances, and it is a requirement of HMO licences. 

We are able to test both the portable appliances and the integrated equipment such as white goods and cookers; where-as some PAT testers with less electrical training cannot; so you get a higher standard of service. 

We are DBS and Police checked, so you can leave us to deal with your tenant directly, give us keys etc to save you the bother. 

ALL minor repairs (such as replacing defective plugs and fuses) will be fixed on the spot and FREE of charge. 

PAT testing price for Landlords

For Landlords we offer a fixed pat testing price per property, based on the number of appliances in the property. 

We are able to test both portable and fixed electrical appliances, saving you having to get 2 different companies in to test your equipment. 


Always had excellent service from Richard, he’s looked after our rental properties for years now, and always turns up on time and does a great job. Highly recommend him!

Landlord of multiple properties, Newcastle


We manage over 100 rental properties in Newcastle upon Tyne; DRA PAT testing have managed the appliances in them for years now and always do a great job. We trust them with keys and feedback from tenants is always really good. 

Lettings Agency, Newcastle 

Call: 0191 6661009
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PAT testing Newcastle and the North East

The best PAT testing price would include FREE remedial repairs, replacement plugs and fuses – which is what we do. Also we offer fixed prices so you don’t get the shock when the bill comes in like you do with per item rates. 

Our professional, reliable PAT testing service is carried out by experienced engineers who have been checked by CHAS, Durham Police and DBS. We use the quickest industry leading, data storing machines available to ensure the service you get and the report you receive is the best possible. All our records are securely stored and can be re-issued to you for free if you lose your copy. 

Our service is carried out efficiently, quickly and using tried and tested methods that guarantee minimal disruption to your business. To make the process even slicker in the future we carry out cable sorting and re-organising as we go, to create an efficient, safer working environment. 

The price for testing 110 volt and 230 volt equipment is the same, and we can also test 3-phase and fixed appliances. We carry out a through formal visual inspection on EVERY appliance, as well as carrying out our tests; many cheap PAT testing companies skip the visual inspection (which is actually the most important part) to save time. 

Minor repairs, replacement plugs and fuses are fixed automatically, FREE of charge. 

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What our clients say


We are very impressed with your service, everything very professional and as you promised. As a small business we find it hard to find reliable companies to deal with, it makes a refreshing change to come across a company with similar ideals to us  – a fair job at a fair price with pleasant employees and proper paperwork!

The Premier Plating Company, Newcastle 

Call: 0191 6661009

Our clients include

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Our Portable Appliance Testing service includes

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Risk-based retests

red pat testing plug

Repairs and Plugs

pat testing certificate example

PAT Test Certificates

Automatic risk assessments to guide you to the most appropriate PAT testing frequency for compliance

Free Repairs to the existing plug and cable, supply and fit of replacement plugs and fuses 

Itemised easy to follow PAT Testing Certificate Report includes all data needed for compliance 

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Why Choose DRA PAT Testing?

We are an experienced local electrical testing company that specialises in inspecting, testing and maintaining safe electrical equipment. Our expertise ensures you get the best possible service every time.

There are no hidden charges, all of these come free and our service is recommended because it is simple but well managed.   

✅ Complimentary site survey if needed
✅ Free remedial repairs to the plug and cable
✅ Free replacement plugs and fuses
✅ Cable management (tidying & optimal plugging)
✅ Risk-based retest period guidance
✅ Ongoing improving safety support
✅ PAT Test Certificate Report with results by PDF
✅ Automatic reminders for retests

PAT testing costs North Tyneside

PAT testing costs in North Tyneside are a little bit cheaper than elsewhere as we are based in Wallsend, so as we don’t have to travel as far to get to you, our travel costs are lower, which reflects in the prices we charge you. 

Be wary of Cheap PAT testing prices

The cheapest bidder in all trades generally provides the worst service; hindsight shows that in most situations. PAT testing is no different. Whilst there are some companies doing a good job at what would be considered a cheap price, most are not, and they’re actually harder to spot than you may think. 

You may have agreed a price of £1.00 per item with a national supplier, but they are paying their engineer just 40p of that, so for him to make a decent wage he has to rush around your site and cut a few corners. This usually means skipping the visual inspection and not doing repairs; and it’ll never be spotted by their bosses because all they care about is how many items they did and how much profit was made.

We thoroughly inspect every appliance; our engineers are paid per hour and are encouraged to take their time to ensure all appliances are repaired and safe. They are not targeted for quantity, just quality. 

We also carry out all repairs automatically and do not charge extra to replace standard plugs and fuses. 

We believe that our pat testing cost represents good value; our standards are high and we do a thorough job, and you get all the necessary paperwork and compliance measures; especially considering the implications if you don’t comply with the regulations. 

When you do approach us for a PAT Testing quote it is a worth knowing, or having an idea how many items you are going to need testing. 

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