North East based PAT testing experts offer quick, minimal fuss PAT testing at a great price

North East based PAT testing experts offer quick, minimal fuss PAT testing at a great price2020-01-16T23:04:25+00:00
Save 10% off your PAT Testing

PAT testing is a necessary evil; we know you don’t really want to get it done, but we all have to. PAT testing confirms electrical equipment is safe to use, so ensures that you are complying with the regulations. 

But because we know you are only getting it done because you have to we’re going to make the process as easy as possible for you. 

  • Our booking system is easy – just contact us, agree the price, and we’ll come out to do the work. 
  • When the job is done we’ll send your a PAT Certificate including itemised list of appliances, nice and quick
  • We’ll recommend appropriate intervals until tests should be done again (more info on our frequency page)
  • If you pay us quickly we’ll give you an extra 10% discount
  • We’ll remind you when your appliances need retesting
  • We put our new labels on neat and discreet, and remove old labels
  • We repair as we go, including replacing faulty plugs and fuses free of charge

And we do all this at just £1.00 per item

We can work in all industries – no matter what your business type; factory, office, hotel, rental property, shop, salon, bar, etc. we can work there. We are City and Guilds 2377 qualified, and also have CSCS for sites and are DBS checked for working in schools. 

How often does PAT testing need doing?

Most PAT companies will encourage you to get tested every year; they do that because it makes good business sense for all of us – they get regular income and you ensure you’re always compliant. However, it isn’t actually necessary in some industries, for example office equipment in an office doesn’t really need an annual test – a PC on a desk that never moves is unlikely to get damaged, so does it really need annual tests? Unlikely. An inspection after a couple of years is usually sufficient. But then equipment in a factory or on a building site is going to need testing more often as it gets used more, dropped more and is more likely to become damaged. 

save money on pat testing with a cheap offer

Want to save even more money? Complete this form in full, and we will not only quote you a great price, but quote it with 25% off our standard rates. Plus, if you pay the invoice within 5 days we’ll give you 10% off your next invoice if you choose to use our service again. 

Reliable, Professional and Recommended

We currently have over 150 positive online reviews, on Google, Free Index, Facebook, etc. We pride ourselves on being professional and reliable, in fact if we had a client who wasn’t satisfied we may even consider giving them a full refund. 

We turn up on time, as arranged, our engineers are tidy and wear branded clothing, we carry the kit that we need and we work around you to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum. 

5 star reviews on google
ranked 3rd in uk on free index for appliance testing
  • Free repairs automatically completed during testing

  • Replacement plugs & fuses supplied free

  • Old labels removed before new applied

  • Comprehensive Report & Certificate issued prompt

  • Competitive Pricing and high service standards

When comparing quotes look out for these pointers:

  • Microwave leakage testing – this hasn’t been a requirement under the Code of Practice since 2012 – so you don’t need to get it done. Cheap suppliers still tend to charge you for it
  • Socket Testing – this is actually nothing to do with PAT testing, and not required. Yet some suppliers charge for it automatically. If we spot damaged sockets we tell you. 
  • Retest dates on labels – Since 2012 you have been required to perform a risk assessment to determine PAT testing frequencies; it is not up to the contractor to dictate this. The retest date was taken off to stop people thinking that their PAT Testing had “run out”, and also to try and stop the cold callers that try to find out when yours ‘runs out’.