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Specialise in PAT testing and maintaining
safe electrical equipment 

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Thank you for contacting us

Hello, thank you for making contact. 

I am Richard Ayre, the owner of the company. I will likely have your message now, and will get back to you shortly. I own the company, and work on it and in it – I am the chief Engineer on site and also run the company doing all the admin, as I have not yet been able to let go! I employ a couple of great people to help me to do PAT testing, and have a fully qualified electrician to do the fixed wiring inspections. 

If there is a slight delay in my response I could be under a desk right now sorting out some messy cables but I will come back to you soon; if I am on site all calls and emails come to my phone (technology is great these days) so I can respond promptly. 

My email address is richard@draelectricals, and my mobile is 07897240878 just so you know it is me if I call you back. 

I look forward to speaking to you and hopefully we will be able to do some work for you soon. 

Until we speak / message

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