Have you registered the appliances in your properties with the manufacturer?

When you buy appliances these days there is a warranty card in the box, if you complete and send it off you’ll be notified if there is ever a recall notice on the appliance.

Appliances, especially kitchen appliances get recalled all the time for all kinds of reasons, but sometimes its because they pose a serious risk, such as they can catch fire!

It’s shocking how many people aren’t aware of this until it is too late.

As part of our PAT testing service we cross check bigger kitchen appliances against the recall lists and notify you if anything pops up – we find this is especially useful for landlords.

If you don’t have your appliances registered, haven’t filled the cards in or simply aren’t sure go to the Register My Appliance website to do just that – you don’t need to be a business; anyone can register.

You’ll need model information for the appliances but it’s well worth getting that as sometimes appliances can catch fire which is the last thing you want to happen.

Look at this photograph – this was a dishwasher, in a flat owned by a landlord and rented out to a tenant. The landlord wasn’t aware of the recalls notice on the dishwasher, and luckily the tenant was in when the fire started, and was able to put it out – will you be so lucky?

If you use us for your appliance testing we’ll cross-check your appliances with the register, and notify you of product recalls.

Don’t assume every PAT tester does this; we’re only aware of one other company in the UK actively doing this at this time – we’re hoping to encourage more to follow.