Dos and Don’ts for Avoiding an Electrical Fire

PAT testing SunderlandAlmost half of all domestic fires are caused by electricity; there were over 20,000 electrical fires in 2011; there are 70 deaths and 350 injuries every year as a result of electrical fires.

The most common causes of electrical fires are:

  • Faulty appliances
  • Misused appliances
  • Overheated appliances

Tips for Avoiding an Electrical Fire

  • Ask your landlord for an electrical installation condition report if you live in a rented home
  • Ensure your electrical supply meets the UK standard BS 7671
  • Check sockets, plugs and flexible cables regularly for signs of wear and tear
  • Check your electrical appliances are compatible with UK socket outlets
  • Remember to unplug appliances that could overheat and cause a fire when not in use, such as hair straighteners, irons and portable radiators
  • Don’t use cheaper ‘fake’ versions of popular appliances, like phone chargers – they are an increased risk of overheating
  • Don’t overload multi socket adaptors and extensions
  • If you smell burning but can’t find a fire – call the Fire Brigade for help – it could mean an appliance is faulty and overheating – acting fast may help avoid further damage
  • Get workplace equipment PAT tested to find any faults.