Cheap PAT testing

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Cheap PAT testing

If you are looking for cheap pat testing that maintains a great service you’re in the right place; in fact with us not only do you get a great service but by finding this page you’re going to save some money against our standard prices too. 

Cheap PAT testing prices with a great service

Available throughout the North East

Cheap PAT Testing

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From 65p per item including: 

  • Free Plug and Fuse replacement
  • Free remedial repairs
  • Full itemised PAT Testing Certificate Report or Excel asset register
  • Ensures compliance with UK regulations
  • Only available via the form below
  • Min. 100 items

Information about our Cheapest PAT testing prices

These prices are only available if you complete the form above; you may not get such a great offer if you ring us. You must have over 100 items to benefit from these low prices. Less than 100 items it is £1.00 per item

What are the cheap pat testing prices? 

If you have a lot of items to test of equipment in low risk environments like offices and schools then you can benefit from a price from just 65p per item. 

Do we still get the same great service?

Of course; no matter what we charge you still get a great service from our engineers. 

What will we test? 

We will test (and charge for) each item of electrical equipment that needs mains power to function including the appliances, adaptors, power cords, extension leads, etc. 

Are plugs and fuses still replaced for free?

Of course – we only replace plugs when they really need to be replaced, so we do it for free. Some companies change lots of plugs that didn’t need changing just so they can make some more money by charging over inflated prices. 

Are there any hidden charges?

No… the price you are quoted is the price you pay. For example, if you are quoted 65p per item for 2000 items, and we test 2000 items you will pay for that; if however we test 2500 items you will pay for that. This price isn’t hidden as we quoted 65p per item. 

However, some companies will charge extra to test sockets or microwave emissions, in their small print – we don’t charge to do either. 

How do I get this great cheap pat testing price offer?

Just complete the form above. Remember you need to apply by completing the form above.