Is PAT testing a legal requirement in the UK?

Whilst there is no definitive legal requirement to specifically carry out PAT, there are legal requirements to maintain safe electrical equipment, and to prove you do that. A PAT Test Certificate is the most recognised method for doing this.


What are our main services?

Here's a list of the services we provide; click on any service to get more information on what we do: PAT testing - appliances with plugs FAT testing - fixed appliances  Microwave Oven Emissions Testing Fixed wiring inspections (EICR) Emergency lighting inspections  


How often do I need to PAT test?

How often do I need to PAT test? How often do you need to get your electrical equipment PAT tested? To comply with British workplace regulations, you need to make sure all electrical equipment is always safe and do what needs to be done as often as is necessary to ensure that is the case. Information on the regulations that affect you are on "regulations that impact electrical equipment" page. In reference to portable appliances (electrical equipment fitted with a plug or intended to be fitted with a plug but now hard wired); they need to be checked as often as is necessary to ensure they don’t get damaged or deteriorate to the point of causing an accident or fire. This could be due to misuse, incorrect use, damage during use, use in improper environments and so on. To determine what action needs to be taken and when, the HSE recommends a person competent (in electrical safety and fire prevention, etc.) carries out risk assessments for the different types of equipment and working environments (in your workplace / places of work) to determine what action needs to be taken. From this a frequency should be established. [...]


How much does it cost for PAT Testing?

This depends on the job requirements, we always recommend you contact us to discuss your requirements, from which we can provide you with a PAT testing quote. Our average price is just £1 per item


Do new electrical items need PAT testing?

Not usually, new items do not need testing if you are sure they are from a reputable supplier however if you have the slightest doubt, and by the fact you are asking the question there may be an argument to recommend that new items are PAT tested for you.  We do recommend that you register new appliances with register my appliance, to be notified if any recalls are released for your new items. 


Do new electricals need PAT testing?

It depends on your company policy but most would say no; guidance suggests not; that new electricals need PAT testing - providing you are sure the appliance is from a reputable source. If so it should be British Standard, and should have been safety tested before leaving the factory. If you get appliances tested regularly new equipment will be picked up by the tester when the next testing period begins. For further guidance refer to the HSE or your speak to us directly. 


What are our PAT testing requirements?

You are legally required in the UK to operate a business or organisation in line with the regulations, requirements and guidance of Health and Safety. Where electrical safety is concerned we have to consider the: Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 Not complying with these regulations is very serious and can result in fines, even imprisonment. One of the easiest and most recognised methods to help you comply with these regulations is PAT testing.  The law requires employers and the self employed to ensure that all electrical equipment that they provide for their business is safe and correctly maintained. As PAT (portable appliance testing) confirms safety it should be an important part of your health and safety regime. 


How long does a PAT Test Certificate last?

A PAT test Certificate is like an MOT - it's only as good as the day it is done; it confirms that the equipment listed was tested, and passed at the time it was tested. After that it is up to you to maintain safe equipment, until the next time it is tested, which is dependent on a risk assessment. (See our blog on the subject of how long a PAT Test Certificate lasts)

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