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Portable Appliance Checking is an important part of any workplace’s health and safety policy. Better known as PAT testing, regular checks of portable electrical equipment are essential to make sure appliances are safe.

Remembering to carry out regular checks on portable electrical appliances is very important, and ensures not only that you could be protecting users from potential danger but gives you peace of mind that your equipment is safe.

If you check portable appliances regularly you should be able to ensure they are always safe to continue using, and any faults that have developed should get picked up on.

We can come to you to check your portable electrical appliances to make sure they are safe, and if there is any issues we can probably fix them too.

Why do I need Portable Appliances Checking?

To comply with the UK’s Health and Safety regulations, and to ensure your insurance policy is valid, you need to be able to prove that electrical equipment is safe to use; the best way to do this is to have a PAT test carried out on them (PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing).

Portable Appliance Testing is the process that is carried out on electrical equipment that is fitted with a plug. It forms a part of the umbrella of inspection and testing of electrical systems that also includes appliances that are fixed to the mains via direct wiring, and the installed wiring itself (both of which we also do but not at the same time).

Checking portable appliances are safe is a good way for office managers (for example) to ensure they are meeting their legal obligations for safety in the workplace, and for landlords to make sure they are meeting their obligations to maintain high standards of electrical safety in their rented property.

Another way to look at it, is regular PAC tests, inline with a risk assessment help you to ensure your insurance policy is valid, so if you ever have to make a claim you have evidence to prove you have taken steps of preventative maintenance to ensure your equipment is safe.

What’s involved in a PAT Test?

PAT testing is a relatively straightforward and low risk process; in most cases we’re working on appliances where the power has been disconnected so you don’t need to worry too much about safety of our engineers. And any equipment that does pose a risk; we’re experienced enough at working with it to know how to stay safe.

So for you; we need to unplug an appliance to test it – so you can’t keep using it whilst we’re working. We’ll need it for a few minutes at most and will work with you to ensure disruption is kept to a minimal at all times.

This is what we do..

  1. Firstly we check our own safety – can the appliance be switched off safely, etc.
  2. Then can the appliance be switched off – if something can’t be switched off, tell us asap.
  3. We check appliance is suitable for the environment it is in
  4. Then we check the appliance, starting with the plug, then the cable, then the appliance.
  5. If the cable detaches from the appliance it is tested independently.
  6. If repairs have to be carried out we will do so; nearly always included in the price and supply parts as required.
  7. If the appliance passes all checks we will label it and the results are recorded on our PAT testers.
  8. If it fails, we photograph it, record it and mark it with a fail label. We report it to the site contact too.
  9. On completion of the job we feed anything necessary back to our site contact then download the results.
  10. Using the results obtained and our risk assessments we compile our report which will be sent to you as a pdf either before we leave the site, or within 24 hours.

What does PAT testing cost?

PAT testing prices vary depending on the job in hand, where it is, what the site is like, what equipment is being tested and how much, whether industrial appliances are being tested too, the likelihood of a lot of repairs (or lack of), whether we’re working around your staff, students and residents etc.

We are always willing to negotiate to secure a job; our prices range from 80p per item for thousands of appliances in an office for example to around £1.00 per item for less than 100 items. Our average price is just 80p per item. We do charge VAT, and our minimum charge is £45.00 including 20 items. We always recommend you contact us for a price.

What’s included in the price?

  1. Rewiring of plugs and replacement parts
  2. Supply and fit of replacement plugs to meet British Standards
  3. Supply and fit of replacement fuses (3, 5, 10 and 13amps)
  4. A tidy up and sort out of messy cables
  5. Guidance on how to improve safety measures
  6. Unique ID numbered label for every appliance
  7. Failure report detailing failures and actions
  8. Itemised report of passed appliances including electrical readings
  9. Certificate of compliance
  10. Reminders for retests so you’re always compliant

PAT testing frequency

PAT testing should be repeated as often as is necessary to eliminate the risk of an appliance becoming dangerous; most people get equipment tested annually as it is good practice and usually ensures equipment maintenance is kept up to date. In some environments like on a building site or a factory where power tools get frequently damaged more testing is needed more often.

We follow guidance from the Health and Safety Executive and the latest IET Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment.

In turn we can guide you on what would be best for your site.

What other electrical testing we do

There are two main types of electrical appliance; those with a plug, and those without. Sometimes an appliance can have a plug that is not accessible, such as an integrated kitchen appliance; we can test these without needing to access the plug.

Appliances where the plug has been removed, and replaced by hard wiring the appliance into the mains supply using a ‘spur‘ are classed as ‘fixed appliances‘. These are often overlooked as most PAT testing engineers are not trained to carry out these tests; but we can do them.

It is called fixed appliance testing. Fixed appliances don’t need testing as often as the chances of a fault developing is much lower as they don’t get moved around, but they should be checked every 3-5 years. Testing them properly involves isolating the main power circuit to them so the spur can be opened to test the appliance; so it is best to do this when the business is closed.

In addition to appliances, a business or rented property also requires periodic inspections of the fixed (or mains) wiring installation. This has to be done by a registered electrician with the appropriate qualifications. We have such a person, who is affiliated with the NICEIC who operates for us as a self employed contractor and we recommend highly. He carries out the inspections for us and provides clients with the Electrical Installation Certificate Report (EICR)

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Every PAT testing job includes as standard…

electrical plugs and fuses

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Plugs get damaged or the wrong fuse gets fitted; if we find a fault or repair that's needed we do it automatically, nearly always without charge
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We issue PAT testing Certificates within 5 days of the job completing; same day certificates can be arranged if you're really in a hurry
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Free Cable Tidying

Plugs and wires get messy in and around desks; some companies charge extra to sort them out - we do it automatically as we go to improve safety and efficiency

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Our Portable Appliance Checking service is local to you – we cover all the North East

We cover all of the North East of England; we can’t list everywhere so if your town is not here contact us anyway, we will come to you.

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PAC Test – the Portable Appliance Check

Portable Appliance Checking is a now redundant term, which was replaced long ago by Portable Appliance Testing, which is now commonly referred to as PAT Testing. 

Whichever term you use doesn’t really matter, the outcome is the same – we can manage this for you, just get in touch and we’ll take it from there. We need to know more about what the job involves, what appliances you have and how many is a good starting point; perhaps you will benefit from us visiting to do a site survey and have a chat about your requirements. Or get in touch for a quote

We are an independent portable appliance testing company that covers all of the United Kingdom. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a minimal fuss, simple and effective PAT testing service that will help you to comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations

We specialise in PAT Testing, for portable and fixed electrical equipment, but also provide thermal imagery for server systems, cable management, microwave oven testing and Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) too.

The easiest way for you to comply with Health and Safety regulations for electrical equipment is to get your appliances tested regularly by us; we specialise in PAT testing – we tidy cables as we go, we do repairs automatically and replace plugs free of charge.

In addition we help you implement a user check system in house which may reduce the PAT testing frequency, and can guide you in other areas of electrical safety.

Our work will give you confidence that you are complying and the peace of mind that your equipment is safe. As an added bonus our no fuss service means we automatically recommend the best retest periods based on the risks of your environment and equipment without getting complicated or adding on hidden costs. 

Our engineers are fully qualified and insured, experienced, professional, checked by DBS, and registered with CSCS and PATTA


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More information about the PAC test

Portable appliance checking is carried out on electrical equipment of up to 230 volts, that is used in the workplace. When the term was used it was predominantly for equipment of class 1 construction used in hazardous environments, and or handheld where there was a high risk of damage occurring, and therefore greater risk of the user suffering an electric shock. 

Nowadays the PAC test comes under the better known process of PAT testing or inspection and testing of electrical equipment to give it its full name. 

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