DRA PAT Testing – providing PAC Test (Portable Appliance Checking) services in Newcastle, Gateshead and across the North East

Fast, Friendly and Reliable Portable Appliance Checking based in North Tyneside serving Tyne and Wear, Northumberland & Co. Durham.

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PAC Testing for Newcastle, Gateshead, and the North East

DRA PAT Testing Limited specialise in Portable Appliance Checking. We provide a reliable, efficient and professional PAC test service, second to none in the North East of England. 

PAC Testing actually is an obsolete term these days, preferring to use the PAT testing terminology, but call it what you will the principle is the same. 

Electrical safety is important; portable electrical appliances can get damaged during use leading to electric shocks and can be maintained or used incorrectly which could be a fire risk; so Health and Safety at Work requires you to regularly check appliances are safe. Regular checks reduce the risk of accidents happening. We work with our clients to help them maintain safe electrical equipment, both now and in the future.

Our PAT testing prices are very competitive and fair, considering the high standards we provide. We cover the whole of the North East providing PAT testing in offices, schools, for landlords, hotels, retail stores, local businesses and so on; whether you’re back in the office, or still working from home we can help. Even if you just have one item contact us for a no obligation PAT testing quotation.

When you need to arrange Portable Appliance Checking, and other electrical testing services, DRA PAT Testing will happily help you; we can manage the full processs for you and look after you long term. Book us using the fixed prices on this site or contact us for a personalised quotation.

For your peace of mind, we try to provide a service with minimum fuss – we are professional workers, who will try not to disturb you too much; we’ll tidy up as we go, we’ll do remedial repairs to the plug, flex etc automatically and free of charge, we’ll replace damaged plugs and incorrect fuses also for free, we’ll (do our best to) remove old labels before putting ours on (printed not hand-written, and a nice purple colour not boring green), we put our labels on neatly and discreetly, we record everything we do on our testers, and provide you with your fully itemised PAC Test Certificate Report as soon as possible after the job is complete – guaranteed within 5 days; and we give you 30 days credit for your invoice. We’ll remind you when your equipment needs testing again; you’ll get the same engineer to do the job, who knows your site, and the price is guaranteed for at least 3 years. Can’t say fairer than that. 

⚡️ DRA PAT Testing – there’s no shocks with us! ⚡️

What are the benefits of PAT Testing?

PAT testing improves safety in the workplace as is required by the Health and Safety at Work Act

✅  Regular electrical inspection and testing helps you ensure electrical equipment is safe

✅  PAT assesses the suitability of an appliance for the environment it is being used in (to help you comply with) The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998

  PAT testing records can be used to demonstrate compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 

✅  Regular PAT testing helps you to comply with The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992

✅  Regular electrical tests in rental property help you comply with The Housing Act 2004 (England and Wales)

✅  PAT tests before the start of a tenancy help a landlord comply with The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s guidance

✅  Regular PAT tests help you comply with The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016

✅  If the plug of an appliance doesn’t meet the Plugs and sockets etc. (Safety) Regulations 1994 we will change it for one that does.