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PAC Test – Portable Appliance Check

Portable Appliance Checking is a now redundant term, which was replaced long ago by Portable Appliance Testing, which is now commonly referred to as PAT Testing. 

Whichever term you use doesn’t really matter, the outcome is the same – we can manage this for you, just get in touch and we’ll take it from there. We need to know more about what the job involves, what appliances you have and how many is a good starting point; perhaps you will benefit from us visiting to do a site survey and have a chat about your requirements. Or get in touch for a quote

We are an independent portable appliance testing company that covers all of the United Kingdom. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a minimal fuss, simple and effective PAT testing service that will help you to comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations

We specialise in PAT Testing, for portable and fixed electrical equipment, but also provide thermal imagery for server systems, cable management, microwave oven testing and Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) too.

The easiest way for you to comply with Health and Safety regulations for electrical equipment is to get your appliances tested regularly by us; we specialise in PAT testing – we tidy cables as we go, we do repairs automatically and replace plugs free of charge.

In addition we help you implement a user check system in house which may reduce the PAT testing frequency, and can guide you in other areas of electrical safety.

Our work will give you confidence that you are complying and the peace of mind that your equipment is safe. As an added bonus our no fuss service means we automatically recommend the best retest periods based on the risks of your environment and equipment without getting complicated or adding on hidden costs. 

Our engineers are fully qualified and insured, experienced, professional, checked by DBS, and registered with CSCS and PATTA

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Why Choose DRA PAT Testing?

We are an experienced local PAC testing company that specialises in inspecting, testing and maintaining safe electrical equipment. Our expertise ensures you get the best possible service every time.

There are no hidden charges, all of these come free and our service is recommended because it is simple but well managed.   

✅ Complimentary site survey if needed
✅ Free remedial repairs to the plug and cable
✅ Free replacement plugs and fuses
✅ Cable management (tidying & optimal plugging)
✅ Risk-based retest period guidance
✅ Ongoing improving safety support
✅ PAT Test Certificate Report with results by PDF
✅ Automatic reminders for retests


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More information about the PAC test

Portable appliance checking is carried out on electrical equipment of up to 230 volts, that is used in the workplace. When the term was used it was predominantly for equipment of class 1 construction used in hazardous environments, and or handheld where there was a high risk of damage occurring, and therefore greater risk of the user suffering an electric shock. 

Nowadays the PAC test comes under the better known process of PAT testing or inspection and testing of electrical equipment to give it its full name. 

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