If you’re thinking about using us to inspect and test your electrical equipment you probably want to know what you’re going to get for your money.

When you use a PAT testing company, dependent on the company you choose you could get all kinds of different services, such as hand written records, simple pass or fail results, cash only payments, no terms of credit etc. None of those reflect what we do.

We provide a professional PAT testing service at all times, to match our official business practices.

What we do

  1. We do the same as every one else with a visual inspection of all sections of the appliance, including opening up plugs when possible
  2. We carry out the tests appropriate to the appliance, like everyone should
  3. We record numbers on a ‘per item’ basis; that is each part of an appliance is tested and recorded separately (like the Computer separated from its IEC lead) – this is best, as either could be used independently of each other.
  4. We use professionally printed labels; each identification number being unique
  5. We can look at ways to reduce your costs in the future through re-testing structures
  6. We repair damaged flexes by cutting them back to a safe point, and replacing the plug, without charge
  7. We’ll repair the appliance if we can (although we won’t if we don’t have the knowledge to do so)
  8. We’ll replace BS1363 plugs when needed, without charge
  9. We’ll replace BS1363 fuses were needed, without charge
  10. Our job is easier if your staff aren’t working, so we can be booked to work at weekends, bank holidays and evenings at no extra cost. We’ll even work overnight although there may be a little more to pay
  11. We’ll carry out visual only inspections on servers, but recommend thermal surveys to be sure no issues exist
  12. We can do risk assessments for you (fees apply), to help to determine re-test pat testing frequencies
  13. We do enhanced tests on microwave ovens t make sure they’re functioning correctly (power, temperature rise, leakage).

About our business

  1. The company, DRA PAT Testing Limited is registered in England and Wales, since July 2012, 8161010
  2. The company began in 2009 as DRA Electricals
  3. Richard Ayre is the founder, owner & Managing Director
  4. Richard does most of the work in the business, and all of the work on it
  5. Richard is helped by Ed, a time-served electrician who also owns a PAT testing company
  6. The company is VAT registered and uses genuine accountancy software
  7. Every new client is registered onto our customer relationship management system, where they have their own  log in area to view (and print) quote proposals and invoices.
  8. We invoice after every job, and we prefer payment by BACS; whilst we prefer payment straightaway, which is only fair as we have done the job, we do allocate each client with a credit term Рfor other businesses this usually is 28 days, but for domestic clients payment is required immediately.
  9. All clients are added to our mailing list; this is not about spam, but about giving you timely and useful updates about our service.
  10. PAT Testing Reports (which also includes a failures / repairs report) are issued after the invoice has been paid.
  11. Next time you’re due we’ll send you a reminder, usually a month or so in advance, so you don’t forget.