We are available for bookings during Covid-19 lockdown

Our work can not be done from home, so we are continuing to operate during the Covid-19 Pandemic, albeit on a reduced level. As long as safety measures can be implemented we can still do work for you. 

Note: This is an old post written at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown, and no longer applies. It would make sense to take the post down but Google will penalise us for doing so so we have to leave it here. 

If you can take into account the safety measures being implemented we can still carry out PAT testing for you. 

Operating during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Our work perhaps is not essential, but it has to be done at some point, and many argue that the best time to do a PAT test is when the office is empty – we always feel that to be the case normally but not everyone can get us in at weekends, and there are not enough weekends for everyone, so now may be a great time. 

If your office is currently empty (or any other business premises), now is the best time to get equipment tested. Even if it isn’t all there, what is there can be tested now, and the rest be done when it returns to work. 

All we need is someone to open up, then leave us to get on with our work. 

We are well, and have no symptoms – if that changes we will notify you in advance. 

We are clean; most people that work like we do, in different places all the time, are generally clean anyway – we carried hand sanitiser long before we’d even heard of Covid-19. 

We also keep our equipment clean; cleaning it after every job to make sure no germs are lingering. 

When we get to your workplace to start, we’ll wash our hands before we touch anything. We carry baby wipes if we need to wipe surfaces before or after, and we regularly wash our hands. We use gloves where possible but as labels need applying this isn’t always possible, though we do our best. 

We will expect to maintain a safe distance from any persons from your workplace, and from each other if there is more than one of us on the job, and where possible we will open your windows to ensure good ventilation in the areas where we are working. We’ll shut them too of course. 

Check out our post on how we can visit your staff in their homes to PAT test their equipment, safely. 

Currently my staff are furloughed so they are not working; it is I doing all the jobs that come in, but this can be changed, so if you need a particularly large site doing we can do so. 

Please note we are not doing work in domestic properties were tenants are currently living, as our own safety measure. 

Update: Most of this no longer applies – we have been fully operational since June 2020.