Does the DJ coming into our hotel need PAT Testing?

If you have other companies using electrical equipment on your premises you need to make sure that their equipment is safe to use.

For example if you run a hotel and allow mobile disco’s to set up for functions you need to check they have PAT testing certificates because if they don’t and their equipment catches fire, will your insurance still be valid? Some will not be. 

This same rule applies if you have builders working on site, even people coming in to do a trade show, event or business presentation. 

Always make sure that you are sure that the equipment belonging to others is safe before you allow it to be plugged in to your sockets. 

Do you have others using your premises, bringing electrical appliances on site and using them?

If you run a hotel and let mobile discos use your premises have you checked to make sure their equipment is safe?

Do you run a conference centre where presenters, speakers and trainers present using their electrical appliances?

If you allow such people to use your facilities and they’ve not been PAT tested you’re taking a big risk.

If the DJ leaves his equipment plugged in overnight to collect the next day, and it overheats because he’s using too many extension leads it may start a fire. That fi

re may damage your function room, or worse. Will you still be insured?

If you allow other people to bring equipment into your workplace make sure that it has been checked; insist on seeing their PAT testing certificates.