Checking if an appliance has been recalled

Grenfell was a shocking incident (some info), and what it showed us was that electrical appliances do catch fire, they can cause major issues and they should be maintained better.

It’s led to all kinds of campaigns and awareness raising such as the need for registering appliances and checking appliances against recall notices – how many appliances are still in rented properties that the landlord doesn’t know have recall notices on them? Potentially hundreds or thousands, and one day they may catch fire, and that may be your fridge in the flat you own with the tenant who trusted you, asleep in the bedroom.

Don’t take chances with electrical safety, UK laws are changing inline with Scottish best practice – electrical systems now have to be tested every 5 years – appliances, which by very nature present a bigger risk should be tested more often and it’s only a matter of time before laws are brought into force them too.

Better you get in now, in fact why should a law make you act to protect your tenants? It should be what you do as a caring landlord, the fact you’re still reading this blog shows you are interested, so why leave potentially unsafe appliances unchecked any longer?

We inspect and test appliances that your provide, we’ll do repairs to the plug and cable, we’ll change the fuses, and we’ll check to see if there are any recall notices in place. We can’t register the appliance for you, only you can do that, but we can provide you with the info you need to register.

If you’re ready to give your tenants a higher degree of protection get in touch so we can arrange to test the appliances you provide as part of the rental agreement.

More info for landlords pat testing here

You can use the Register my Appliance facility to register your appliances, then you will be notified if the appliance is recalled by the manufacturer due to a safety issue. 

You can also check the latest recall notices to see if an appliance you have has been recalled, this is especially important if you have white goods that are not registered. 

Has my appliance been recalled?

Use the recall notices on Electrical Safety First to see if your appliance has been recalled.