Are your staff returning to the office or working from home?

It’s nearly 2 years since Mr Johnson (the Prime Minister) announced we were all to lockdown and work from home, and even now some of us are still doing that, whilst others have returned or are planning to return to work.

We’re not talking parties at the office, we mean proper work, the place people go to do their work.

Whichever category you or your business falls into you need to consider this…

If your staff have returned to work, or you are planning to return to work – you need to get all their appliances PAT tested asap; because they may have been mistreated at home, or in transit back to work, they may have added something that’s not to safe standards, or simply for your insurance. You need to get your PAT testing brought up to date. Remember, something that is damaged may be a fire risk.

If you are planning to bring staff back to the office in the future, and we have not kept the equipment in the office up to date, then that needs doing too, ideally before they get back, then the equipment they bring back will need checking once it is on site, ideally before it gets plugged back in.

Now, if your staff work from home, and will continue to do so – when was their equipment last tested? If it’s not been done since it was last in the office 2 years ago then it’s going to need doing soon (or now really)… When people work from home they tend not to treat safety like they do at work, which leads to overloaded extension leads, cat chewed cables and more tea spills! So you need to arrange to get this equipment checked as soon as possible.

Don’t panic though, we can help you with all of this – simply let me know your situation and I’ll show you where we can help.

A lady working in her home office using a laptop computer