Electricity is present in every workplace and every electrical appliance used in workplaces, all over the United Kingdom (and the world). Electricity is invisible, taken for granted and usually overlooked as a workplace hazard – mainly because we have all become so used to it being there; but also because the appliances we use protect us so well.

When your electrical appliances are working correctly, they are protecting you and you have nothing to worry about, but when they go wrong the risks are high. Electricity is a major workplace hazard – it can electrocute, burn, start fires and even cause explosions – electricity is a silent killer!

Assessing the risks from electricity is straight-forward, if you know what you’re doing. We assess the risks every day, when testing your appliances, and when determining suitable periods until they should next be tested. The hazards are well known, and obvious, the assessor has to consider who could be affected, and what situations could put someone in contact with faulty electrical equipment. Don’t forget – the effects of defective appliances can be lethal.

In order to prevent danger to users and your business, from defective electrical equipment, you should enlist the help of competent people, who can assess your electrical issues, implement an inspection and testing system, and help you maintain appliances to protect your users from danger.