Reduce the chances of disruption with out of hours PAT testing

PAT Testing when you’re off work – out of hours PAT Testing at weekends or overnight; when you’re not there actually makes the job easier for us, and reduces disruption for you, which is why we offer out of hours work as standard.

PAT Testing when you’re off work

If we have to test your office when all your staff are there on a Friday it’s much easier to test when none of them are there on a Sunday.

If staff aren’t there we can pull out all the cables, make the monitors and computers easy to access and not have to work around your staff – it makes our job easier.

Experience has shown us that PAT testing when you’re off work is particularly affective when we’re PAT testing offices.

Out of hours pat testing

A few years ago we tested all the equipment in a call centre; over 5000 items, done during the week when the staff were working – we tried organising for out of hours but the boss their at the time was having none of it.

The job turned into a logistical nightmare; trying to get staff to give up their phones even though arrangements had been made for them to sit at one desk as we tested another. It ended up taking twice as long as it should have.

When it was due to be done again we were reluctant to go back under those circumstances and so to try to get our own way we reiterated all the past problems to the manage, and thankfully he agreed that we could do the work overnight. It was agreed that we would go into the building at 9pm when the last shift finished, and leave at 6am the next morning as the first shift began. This meant for 9 hour night shifts, which at first were a shock to the system but as the days and nights passed it got easier.

In the end it took us 5 nights to get the job done; compared to 3 weeks when we did days!

Some people have asked, if our job is easier how come we don’t discount the price – well we’re already giving up a weekend on night with our families, so surely that’s enough.

We’ll work outside of normal hours including:

  • Nights
  • Weekends
  • Early Mornings
  • Later evenings
  • Bank Holidays

If you want to minimise disruption to your business; book us to do our PAT Testing when you’re off work.