Safety in offices

Blogs to help you improve the health and safety in your offices; mainly regarding electrical equipment

Do you worry about important plugs being switched off by accident?

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Lockable Socket Covers Use lockable socket covers to protect important plugs from being accidentally switched off. Great for server systems or computers you don't want turned off by accident. Also great to protect children at home.  Everywhere we go there is at least one plug with a post it note taped to it [...]

How often should pat testing be done in an office?

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How often should pat testing be done in an office? How often should pat testing be done in an office?PAT tests in offices may not need doing as often as you may think. Many offices get their appliances tested every year but that may be too often. If you do a risk assessment you [...]

If staff bring personal electrical equipment into work does it need testing?

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Personal Equipment Personal equipment brought into work does need PAT testing, treat it like work equipment.  You are responsible for electrical equipment used at work, whether you have supplied it or not.  What would happen if that appliance caught fire or caused an accident - would you be protected if you hadn't checked the appliance was safe?    Consider [...]

Have you got messy cables under your desks that need tidying?

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Get rid of messy cables Everyone these days seems to have messy cables on and around their desks; generally caused by the constant addition of new appliances that need a cable to draw power. But no one has time to tidy up the cables to make them neater. If you want neater cables around your desks talk [...]

Do you need your office PAT Testing?

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Welcome to DRA PAT Testing Specialist in Portable Appliance Testing - PAT Testing Offices We specialise in PAT testing offices; PAT testing computers is relatively easy to do, and shouldn't cause too much disruption to your team, although in big offices it's sometimes better for all of us to do the work outside your normal hours. Being specialists at Pat [...]

When your office needs PAT testing contact DRA PAT Testing

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PAT testing Office equipment As a PAT testing company we specialise in low risk environments, namely offices. IT equipment is relatively easy to inspect and test to check it is safe; many electrical appliances don't ever need a test (they will need inspecting though), and many more will only need an inspection for the [...]

We offer out of hours PAT testing to reduce the chances of disruption

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Reduce the chances of disruption with out of hours PAT testing PAT Testing when you're off work - out of hours PAT Testing at weekends or overnight; when you're not there actually makes the job easier for us, and reduces disruption for you, which is why we offer out of hours work as standard. PAT Testing when you're off [...]

PAT Testing IT Equipment

By |2020-05-06T12:06:53+00:00February 27th, 2014|PAT Testing Info, Safety in offices|

PAT Testing is a process for ensuring electrical portable appliances are safe to be used; office equipment, also known as IT equipment such as computers, monitors and printers require regular portable appliance tests to ensure they remain safe for use; you may think there is a low risk in your office but how many people sit at their seats [...]