How often do you see a PAT tester testing your equipment without unplugging it?

It is not possible to test a portable appliance without unplugging it

A technician that doesn’t unplug an appliance is simply looking at it, or doing even less – he sticks a sticker on and charges you for it.

  • An internal fault won’t be found by looking at the outside of an appliance – the appliance needs testing to find internal faults, so it needs unplugging
  • The appliance could be overheating which may not be seen or felt – it needs unplugging to find this fault
  • The plug pins may be faulty which won’t be seen when they’re in the socket – it needs unplugging
  • The plug may be counterfeit or fake but you won’t know that without unplugging it
If an appliance can’t be unplugged you need to have a discussion with your PAT engineer to find a solution; it’s not up to the PAT engineer to decide what gets unplugged and what doesn’t – if he doesn’t unplug he’s not doing what you’re paying him for.
If you can’t switch off your server today, arrange another time for him to come in to do it – a time that is convenient to you when production won’t be affected.