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Socket safety – why do we use socket covers when they’re not needed?

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Please don't use these electric socket covers How many sockets in your school, nursery or home have those little flat white 'covers' stuck in them? Parents and teachers plug them in to electric sockets because they think they'll make the socket safer to children. However, in reality - they're actually really dangerous, pose a [...]

6 Electrical safety tips for children

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6 Electrical safety tips for children Electricity whilst being useful to power our homes, it is also very dangerous when misused. Lots of people are hurt and killed every year due to electrical accidents. These simple safety tips will help you reduce the chance of or avoid such accidents. Never stick fingers, toys and other objects in an electric [...]

Get your school PAT tested during the school holidays

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  It's not too late to arrange the PAT Testing at your school for the summer holidays; we still have some space for you, but hurry - we can't guarantee the space for long. The school holidays are the best time to get portable appliances tested; it's easier for us to do our job and we find that less [...]

Frequency of PAT testing in schools

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Frequency of PAT Testing in Schools What is the recommended frequency of PAT testing in schools? If you go by current guidance the frequency of pat testing in schools is annual however when you break this down you can utilise a risk assessment to increase the period between tests in most locations, saving the school quite [...]