PAT testing in Schools – to arrange PAT Testing for your school call 01916661009

PAT testing in Schools – to arrange PAT Testing for your school call 019166610092020-01-16T23:02:09+00:00

Portable Appliance Testing for Schools

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PAT Testing in Schools

When arranging the PAT tests for a school environment we recommend they be carried out on a weekend or during school holidays; if they must be completed during term time then the best method is to get in early when the caretakers open up, to get classrooms complete before the school day begins, then do other areas where the pupils are not going to be disturbed.

Electrical equipment in a school presents a relatively high risk due to it being used by many people regularly, and as we all know, not all children look after things, so there is a high chance of damage occurring. With that in mind equipment used by students should be tested on an annual basis, and inspected by a competent person more frequently. 

Equipment in the offices could be tested less frequently. 

We have a number of schools as clients;  a secondary school can only be completed during holidays but it is possible to do primary and nursery schools during the normal day, preferably with an early start. 

Is your PAT testing upto date for Ofsted?

If Ofsted are coming you need to make sure that all appliances are marked up as PAT tested; make sure your PAT certificates are up to date – it is one of the things Ofsted checks for and is good advice given on the Caretakers Guide for Ofsted