We are operating during the Coronavirus

The coronavirus is affecting all businesses including ours, but we are still operational. Our work cannot be done remotely, so we still have to attend sites, however we will only work under strict, safe conditions including:

Where no or minimal staff members are present

Where no or minimal other persons are present

In clean or cleaned environments

Where safe distancing measures can be guarenteed

Where tea and coffee is available ????

If your business is currently closed this is the perfect time to get it PAT tested, as no-one is there to disrupt and we can get our work done not only quicker but to an even higher standard, as we will be able to pull out cables much easy and relay them much neater; altogether the work will be a lot better and may even lead to you being able to extend the term between this test and the next. 

If you need PAT testing doing during the ‘lockdown’ get in touch. 

Please note we are not working in the following locations during lockdown

Anywhere there is a high risk of infection

Domestic properties (unless empty)

Anywhere there is a full or high level of staff and other users

Corona Virus Stay Safe Poster

What we can do for you

If you run any kind of business that has electrical equipment you are legally required to ensure that equipment is safe to use at all times so users and buildings are not put at risk. This includes all kinds of equipment that run off mains power including appliances with plugs (see Portable Appliance Testing) and those without – appliances without plugs are the ones that are fixed to walls or hard wired into the mains using a spur connection unit (see Fixed Appliance Testing).

There are different methods for checking electrical equipment is safe but the easiest and most recognised is that of inspection and testing of electrical equipment, more commonly known as “PAT Testing“.

What is PAT testing? PAT testing is a process that is carried out by a competent person to assess whether an electrical appliance is maintaining safety standards, being used appropriately and suitable for its use.

It is PAT Testing that we do – we come to you at home or work, to inspect and test your electrical appliances, we will carry out maintenance needed and provide you with a report to confirm the appliance is safe to continue using it. We also offer free consultations to determine the most appropriate retest periods for your business needs and insurance.

DRA PAT Testing engineers are experts in what we do; we specialise in maintaining electrical equipment safety through PAT Testing in offices, schools, and rental properties. In fact we can operate in almost any working environment and have the specialist equipment to cope with anything up to 415 volts as is required by the IET Code of Practice.

Never forget – Electrical safety should be a priority action for any environment as electricity is one of life’s biggest killers, and a faulty appliance or wiring installation can really put your life at risk.

To keep you safe our PAT testing engineers carry out a thorough assessment of the site and appliance use, a visual inspection of each appliance and test each appliance that needs doing, then recommends retests intervals appropriate to those risks. We will discuss our findings with you to ensure that the frequency we recommend fits in with your business need and insurance, before putting it in place, which we will then manage for you moving forward. We then create a comprehensive PAT Testing Certificate Report which we email to you as a pdf document which includes all test results, itemised by item and location. When tests are next due we get in touch to remind you, so you don’t need to remember and always remain compliant.