Keep your staff homes safe from Coronavirus if they’re working from home

Corona Virus Update

Keep your staff homes safe from Coronavirus

Coronavirus is effecting us all; we’ve been told to work from home if we can but safety measures have not been put in place. 

If you’re letting staff take appliances home that they wouldn’t usually, such as company PC’s make sure they are safe – you may not have time to get a PAT test done so make sure that they are visually sound:

  • Check the plug and cable for any damage, especially when you remove them from their usual desktop home
  • Check the appliance itself and make sure all parts and covers are attached

If you do have time to get us in to PAT test – do so; we’ll come any time. 

Now remember hygiene:

It’s not just the coronavirus that threatens us; germs of all kinds can be transferred from work to him and vice versa through dirty electrical appliances, especially keyboards and mice:

  • Clean appliances before they leave the office, then clean them again when you get home in case they have picked up any germs during transit – there’s no point going to work at home to be safer if you risk your home safety by transporting germs inside. 
  • Do the visual inspection again when in the house, because the appliance may have got damaged in the car
  • When we get the all clear or you move back to work, clean the appliance again before leaving home and again back at work, and do your inspections again just to be sure. 

We also strongly recommend that once your equipment is back at work you get it PAT tested as soon as possible, preferably before it gets plugged in because there is a high chance it may have got damaged in all the movements. 

Finally; when your workplace is empty – wouldn’t that be a really good time to get the PAT testing done? We can test equipment without disturbing staff as they won’t be there, we can tidy cables as we can move them more easily and we can complete the job in less time than normal – also if you do this, we’ll give you a 10% discount off the normal rate we charge you, as a thank you for the work. 

Keep safe in this time, and stay well

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