When your office needs PAT testing contact DRA PAT Testing

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PAT testing Office equipment

As a PAT testing company we specialise in low risk environments, namely offices. IT equipment is relatively easy to inspect and test to check it is safe; many electrical appliances doPAT testing computers | office pat testingn’t ever need a test (they will need inspecting though), and many more will only need an inspection for the first few years.

A computer is bought, put on a desk, wired in to the socket underneath and used by someone, it doesn’t move for years – how would it get damaged? This is worth considering when doing a risk assessment

If it doesn’t move it won’t get dropped or knocked so the chances of a fault developing inside are very low.

It’s more likely to get damaged on the outside; users getting too heavy handed, desks resting on cables, plugs getting damaged etc.

The appliance should get an inspection by us every so often, and a test every few years perhaps – we’ll be able to advise you better when we see your site.

The morale of this story is this – if you current get your office PAT tested every year then get in touch with us, as you’re likely getting it done far too often, and thus wasting your money!

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Richard Ayre has been a PAT engineer for over 10 years; having started DRA PAT Testing (aka DRA Electricals) in 2009. He is also Operations Director for the national members' group, the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association.