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Prepare for PAT Testing

Firstly Рif you have booked us to do your PAT Testing and the site is pretty big, are we aware of that? Do you think you or us would benefit from a free site survey? Richard will visit your workplace in advance of the job to make sure the quote is right and the job is as expected. This is really good when preparing for pat testing for both you and us.  

Contractors coming in to your workspace, or home can be a daunting experience, we understand that, so we try to make the process as easy as possible for you. Not only in the way we operate but by providing you with as much information in advance as we can. We can’t cover every eventuality but we hope this helps.¬†

In preparation of the work/when the engineer arrives

If you can provide us with car parking space(s) that would be great, if not please recommend where to park

The engineer would benefit from a tour of your facilities, so they know what areas they have to work in and so can assess how long the job will take; also worth showing them what is not to be turned off when doing the tour

Any equipment usually stored in drawers and cupboards should be got out ready; anything usually kept off-site should be brought to site to be tested

This information will make the process of PAT easier for you

The following information relates to every job we do, then below, there is specific information based on different environments. We recommend you check your specific environment information. 

  • The job will be carried out by representatives of DRA PAT Testing Limited.
  • Our engineers wear branded workwear
  • We test each appliance, and each part of the appliance, that is powered by mains electricity including detachable power leads and adaptors, record and label each part as an item.¬†
  • We do not test, inspect or record battery operated equipment such as laptops, power tools and mobile phones (but do check their chargers)¬†
  • If anything is not to be tested please advise the engineer on site
  • Servers – we do not unplug servers or turn them off. It’s up to you to do that. If the server can’t be turned off we will do an earth check, and a visual inspection although we can’t check the plugs if they can’t be unplugged. It is possible to arrange a thermal survey to check for any hot spots. If you want this contact us as we only have one camera (they’re very expensive), which Richard carries.¬†
  • We automatically carry out repairs to the existing plug, fuse and flexible cable – we do not record this anywhere, as there is no need. If a standard plug or fuse needs replacing we do this without charge. If a plug is not present and needs supplying, we will do so, and it will be charged for.¬†
  • On completion of the job we will check with you whilst we’re on site that all equipment has been tested. If you confirm this then discover something has been missed and ask us to return, additional charges will be applied. ¬†
  • You will need to advise staff that we are coming to test equipment – e.g. computers will need shutting down and staff may need to vacate their usual work area for a short time.¬†
  • If the job turns out to be bigger than expected we may have to return at a later date to complete the work, if we can’t complete it on the arranged date. Additional items above the quoted for amount will be added to the final invoice at the quoted for or standard rate
  • If the job turns out to be smaller than expected; we will leave when it is complete to reduce further disruption to your business; the quoted for amount will be charged
  • Everything we test will be recorded on the PAT report including results obtained and recommended retest periods
  • When the work is complete, we create your PAT report and certificate and email it to you. This can take a few days.¬†
  • With the report (or before), we will send your invoice which should be paid immediately, or within 28 days. If you need a longer credit term you must apply before the job starts. If we are coming to your home to test, you should pay when we are there, or by the end of the week¬†

If it’s getting done when you are open

If you’re open there is going to be a little bit of unavoidable disruption, but if we work together, and everyone pulls in the same direction it will be kept to a minimum.¬†

Electrical appliances need unplugging to be tested, so they can’t be used whilst we’re working on them. Your staff will need to shutdown, and ideally leave their working area whilst we’re doing what we do; if this happens the process should be fairly quick.¬†

If you’re working on a computer for example; the time it takes to make a coffee, is about the time we need. 10-15 minutes per desk, is usually a maximum time.¬†

If your desks share extension leads, downtime is going to be a little bit longer, as we need to unplug the extension too, so more than one computer will be off at the same time. 

But, as we say, it doesn’t take too long and we can talk to you about this at the appointment, or before hand.¬†

If it’s getting done when you are closed¬†

If the testing is being done when you are closed, it’s going to be a bit easier, although time for such appointments is limited. So if you want, say a weekend appointment you better get in quick, as the available weekends fill up fast.¬†

At the end of the day before get staff to save work and power off their computers, so we can test them. Your staff not being there makes the process quicker, as we can unplug everything and get on with the task in hand. 

If you work from home

If you work from home, we would appreciate if you have the equipment laid out ready, preferably on a table rather than the floor. 

Equipment that can’t be turned off

If you have equipment that can’t be turned off, we need to know about it as soon as possible. Equipment such as servers for example. We will discuss with you the options that are available to us.¬†

If you have got equipment that can’t be turned off; are the sockets secure? You should take action so that sockets can’t accidentally be turned off by someone not aware. Our socket protection devices may come in handy in such situations.¬†

Additional charges that may be incurred

If we can do a repair whilst testing we will do so, usually without any additional charges – we don’t charge to replace BS1363 plugs for example, or fuses. If a cable is damaged and can be cut back we will do so and refit the plug, without charge.¬†

If a power lead (e.g. IEC lead) needs replacing we will do it; the odd one we don’t mind replacing for free. If there are a lot, we’ll talk to you about the options.¬†

If you have industrial appliances to test, and we didn’t quote for them, they will be tested, but at the standard rate for such an appliance.¬†

If an industrial appliance needs repair, and can be done quickly we’ll do it. If the adaptor needs replacing we’ll quote you to do the work (if we’re carrying the right parts we’ll do it and charge for the time).¬†

If you require anything beyond our standard service, such as recording serial numbers on the report, we will do this, but charge for the extra time. 

If site inductions are needed, or we are delayed from working for longer than 15 minutes, we will charge for our time. 

Time charges are based on our standard hourly rate. 

If we test more items than you have been quoted for, additional items will be charged for at the rate quoted on the estimate.