Do new electricals need PAT testing?

Do new electricals need PAT testing? Does new electrical equipment need PAT Testing? Do new electricals need PAT testing? If you are sure they came from a reputable supplier than they shouldn't need PAT testing. New equipment should be safe when manufactured, and are tested before leaving the factory, so there should be no need for you to have to PAT test them before using them. Assuming the new equipment has been bought from a bonafide retailer from the European Economic area.  Be more aware if you buy new equipment from 'cheap' online sites, especially if the appliances are imported [...]

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6 ways to avoid an electrical fire and to prevent your workplace burning down

6 ways to avoid an electrical fire Don't leave washing machines, tumble driers and dishwashers running when you're out or asleep Don't leave portable heaters switched on and unattended Don't overload sockets with too many plugs Register your electrical products and check for recalls Always follow the manufacturers guidance when using appliances Don't buy fake electrical goods or cheap imports Don't use damaged electrical appliances DRA PAT testing specialise in appliance testing; contact us today for a PAT Testing quote

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Join our team

We are not currently recruiting for any positions Join our Team Here at DRA PAT testing we are currently looking for qualified, experienced PAT testing engineers to join us as permanent staff in full time roles for our business in the North East of England. Work with us can take you to all kinds of different workplaces, small and large, across the region and beyond. You will need to be flexible in working patterns, as the business requires, although most of the time your diary will be planned 3-4 weeks in advance at least. You will need [...]

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Electrical safety tests on electrical appliances in City of Glasgow College student flats were not carried out due to an oversight, leading to safety concerns. 

Electrical safety tests were not carried out  Electrical safety tests on electrical appliances in City of Glasgow College student flats were not carried out due to an oversight, leading to safety concerns.  The error, involved 40 properties, housing hundreds of students, in riverside accommodation on Thistle Street.  Glasgow City Council found that portable appliance test (PAT) certificates were unavailable for the past 2 years.  “It was however noted that historical PAT certification was unavailable. The applicant has been reminded of the need to fully comply with the conditions attached to their licenses and has provided a commitment to ensure this is [...]


How long does a PAT testing certificate last?

How long does a PAT test Certificate last? How long does a PAT Test Certificate last? The confirmation that your appliance is safe lasts as long as it takes to put the label on, plug it back in and wait until it gets damaged; how long the certificate lasts, kind of depends on that too. Some say the certificate is only as good as the moment the test is done, so that would be pretty pointless.  A certificate lasts until the appliance is no longer safe, or until a period of time defined by risk assessment has passed.  [...]

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Socket safety – why do we use socket covers when they’re not needed?

Please don't use these electric socket covers These plastic 'socket protectors' or 'socket protective covers' are not made to any British Standard and the pin dimensions tend not to comply with BS1363, which often results in internal damage to the socket outlet contacts or their own pins braking off and getting stuck in the socket. For this reason they are not recommend. But also for this reason, the PAT engineer needs to check every socket in your property to make sure they are not damaged, including that no pins are stuck in. [...]

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Registering and checking appliances is very important

Checking if an appliance has been recalled Grenfell was a shocking incident (some info), and what it showed us was that electrical appliances do catch fire, they can cause major issues and they should be maintained better. It’s led to all kinds of campaigns and awareness raising such as the need for registering appliances and checking appliances against recall notices - how many appliances are still in rented properties that the landlord doesn’t know have recall notices on them? Potentially hundreds or thousands, and one day they may catch fire, and that may be your fridge in the flat [...]

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New guide to improve consumer product safety recalls

BSI Code of Practice for product recalls (this is not our article; it has been taken direct from the UK Government website) BSI Code of Practice will help businesses understand what to do if their product needs to be recalled. Published 7 March 2018 From: Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, Office for Product Safety and Standards, and Andrew Griffiths MP Code of Practice (PAS 7100) for product safety recall The government’s new Office for Product Safety and Standards has teamed up with BSI, the UK’s National Standards Body, to launch the first government-backed Code of Practice (PAS 7100) for product [...]

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If staff bring personal electrical equipment into work does it need testing?

Personal Equipment Personal equipment brought into work does need PAT testing, treat it like work equipment.  You are responsible for electrical equipment used at work, whether you have supplied it or not.  What would happen if that appliance caught fire or caused an accident - would you be protected if you hadn't checked the appliance was safe?    Consider this: You take action to ensure your equipment is maintaining safety standards by getting regular PAT testing carried out; your insurance company is happy. Someone uses your premises (e.g. a DJ in a hotel) and their equipment has not been maintained; a [...]

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Do new electrical items need PAT testing?

Do new electrical items need PAT testing? If I had to give you the answer to this question, I would say "better safe than sorry, get it tested", but ultimately the final decision is yours.  Most people say that you don't need to get new equipment PAT tested but it is up to your company policy If you are confident that the new equipment you have is safe to use then go ahead and do so; It is generally accepted that new equipment is safe to use as it should have been tested by the manufacturer, but it is possible [...]

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