Making sure your equipment continues to be safe shouldn’t be too difficult, and in most cases you will pass PAT testing if you equipment is maintained; you see, as long as your equipment is as safe on the day of the test as it was the day it was made, the appliance is going to pass.

Appliance testing ultimately is about confirming what we already know; confirming the appliance we are using is safe to be used – the fact we have not had an electric shock would suggest it is safe to be used, but a PAT test will make sure everything is correct and there are no issues we’ve not yet considered that may lead to an issue in the future. 

To make sure you’re equipment will pass pat testing:

  • Keep it clean
  • Maintain it
  • Get any repairs done by a competent person
  • Don’t trail leads in areas they may get damaged

That’s 4 good starting points. 

This is not to suggest that if you do all this you don’t need to get appliances tested; you still should do that, because you may not have the knowledge and skills the engineer has and thus you may miss a hidden danger.

Really, you don’t want to worry too much about passing pat testing – the whole point of the PAT test is to find faults and fix them, so don’t worry if something fails.

What you need to do is make sure you get a good reputable competent person to inspect and test your appliances, so get a PAT testing quote from us today and let’s arrange to inspect your appliances – with our help you should pass PAT testing every time.

Richard Ayre, trading as DRA PAT testing is a specialist in appliance testing, and is the right person to speak to you about your appliance inspections. We carry out PAT Testing in Newcastle upon Tyne and across the North East.