Why do we use 110v equipment on building sites?

Let’s start with the formalities:

If you are working on a building site using electric tools then you need to ensure they are safe. Whilst there’s not much we can do if a bulldozer drives over your drill or a JCB cuts the cable to your inspection lamp we can do our best to check your wiring is safe and your equipment won’t cause any damage if it’s in the correct condition.

Yellow 110v portable appliance transformer

230v Equipment

Such as battery chargers for drills, 230v extension leads, radios – those items that fit into the power using a standard plug

These items should be tested at least once every 12 months, however, if you’re getting your 110v equipment tested every 3 months perhaps you’ll want these doing at the same time.

110 volt equipment

110v electrical appliances used on a construction site should have a formal inspection from a PAT Tester every 3 months, with the addition of a formal visual inspection every month – we can do the formal inspection for you but a competent person on your site could do this easily for you – we can even supply you with a list of the necessary checks to make.

A 110v appliance is distinguished with the easy to see yellow cable and adaptor:

110v equipment gets damaged easily so you need to be sure you have someone that can fix it- we can repair appliances if needed, like we did with this transformer. A 10 minute job to repair it is better than you having to spend about £50 buying a new one. 

faulty wiring on a 110v transformer
we repaired this 110v transformer

Any electrical item on a construction site with a lead/adaptor fitted like the one above requires testing every 3 months.

We will come to building sites to do PAT Testing. We have CSCS Visitor Cards.

If you need PAT Testing doing for your tools please contact us for a quote.