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Keep your staff homes safe from Coronavirus if they’re working from home

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Keep your staff homes safe from Coronavirus Coronavirus is effecting us all; we've been told to work from home if we can but safety measures have not been put in place.  If you're letting staff take appliances home that they wouldn't usually, such as company PC's make sure they are safe - you may not have time to get [...]

Do you employ five or more people?

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The Health and Safety at Work Act sets out general duties that employers have towards employees and users of their facilities, and that employees have to each other, and other users. The main requirement on employers is to carry out a risk assessment. If you employ five or more people you need to do risk assessments When you carry [...]

Faulty extension leads

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 Finding faulty extension leads Faulty extension leads can be rather dangerous, so finding them is important in protecting peoples lives. Imagine going to a well known supermarket to buy your extension leads because you think they should provide the best products only to discover they are cheaply made, high profit appliances - these leads are put together so badly [...]