PAT Testing – Portable Appliance Testing

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DRA PAT Testing specialises in Portable Appliance Testing, which is a process carried out on equipment that is powered by electricity to make sure it is safe. To the trained eye a fault is obvious, but most people over look these dangers, and that’s when accidents occur. Often there are hidden dangers even a competent person won’t see, which is when a PAT testing machine is needed. 

The process of the technician’s visual inspection, combined with the machine’s test is called “Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment”; it is carried out on all electrical equipment that can be disconnected from the main power supply by a plug.

Why do appliances need PAT testing?

For the Electricity at Work Regulations you are required to maintain electrical appliances that you provide in a safe condition; a dangerous appliance can cause electric shock, electrocution and fires. As an employer you have a duty to protect users of your equipment, and you’re expected to provide evidence of what you have done to meet these obligations. An efficient maintenance programme with records kept is sufficient, but to most companies this is a far more expensive option than getting a company like ourselves to carry inspections and tests on the equipment. Our inspections will find any faults, and deal with them, from which any necessary action can be taken, such as repairing a faulty appliance.

Upon completion we’ll provide you with a comprehensive report that will show you all the dangerous appliances, as well as the safe ones. This is commonly referred to as the PAT Testing Certificate. 

How often do appliances need testing?

Most PAT companies will tell you that equipment needs testing every year; this isn’t correct. Equipment needs to be inspected and/or tested as often as your assessment of the risk deems necessary. If a risk assessment shows that the appliance proves very little risk of danger then a longer interval between tests will be sufficient. Just the same as a high risk appliance will need more frequent inspections.

We provide all our clients with a complimentary recommendation to the best frequency for the inspections and testing of their appliances.

Professional Inspections and Testing

This company is owned by Richard Ayre, who is also the Operational Director of the PAT Testing Network, a national association of companies trying to raise standards and awareness in the industry, as such Richard is seen as an expert in PAT testing. As such the company operates to very high standards, providing a reliable and professional inspection and testing service.

In addition to Richard, we benefit from the knowledge and experience of Ed, who served as an electrician for more than 20 years, and also works with the Network as a technical expert.

Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, we cover the whole of the North East region providing testing solutions for clients from all kinds of industries including construction, education, hospitality, finance, medical and many many more.

A 24/7 Service

In order to provide discretion to our clients, and to disturb your business as little as possible we are available to work overnight, at weekends and during the school holidays; even on bank holidays! In fact, working when you’re not makes our job a lot easier, so we offer this service at no extra cost. 

Chas accredited contractorRegistrations and MembershipsPAT Testing Network Accreditation

We’re accredited by CHAS and the PAT Testing Network, we work to the guidance of the IEE Code of Practice, hold Construction Skills Certification Scheme cards and are CRB checked. In addition all our team complete the PAT Testing Expert training course and are qualified by City and Guilds.

Our engineers work efficiently, quietly, and professionally ensuring minimal disruption to your staff, customers and guests. In addition we remove all old labels and apply ours discreetly.