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PAT Testing North East - by a specialist PAT Testing company owned by Richard Ayre

PAT Testing North East

DRA Electricals are a specialist North East PAT Testing company who provide a professional, reliable and competitive service for companies that require portable appliance testing.

DRA Electricals carry out portable appliance testing in many different environments including offices and call centres, schools, care homes, hotels, medical centres, lettings, salons and factories to name but some. Rest assured whatever your workplace is we can help.  

Richard Ayre (pictured), is owner/Director of DRA Solutions Limited t/a DRA Electricals. Richard is also the Operational Director for the national industry body; the PAT Testing Network.

PAT Testing across the North East

DRA Electricals cover the whole of the North East, from Northumberland to North Yorkshire including Newcastle upon Tyne, Washington, Gateshead, Sunderland, Durham and Middlesbrough, and it is in the North East where most of the work happens. The company also takes on contracts elsewhere and has clients in Cumbria, Manchester, London, etc. 

DRA Electricals operate 24 hours a day, 7 days per week in order to be available when needed, and to minimise disruption to your business by working during downtime.  

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All Our PAT Testing Quotations include:

  • A guaranteed price for the next 3 years
  • Labels for every appliance with unique ID numbers
  • Free replacement fuses
  • Free replacement plugs
  • Free repairs
  • No extra charges for overnight or weekend working
  • PAT Testing Certificate and Appliance Register (including locations) via PDF
  • Timely reminder of re-tests by email or post
  • Peace of mind that you’re dealing with a leading UK PAT Testing company

What is PAT Testing?

PAT Testing is the commonly used term for the correct term; Portable appliance testing which is a process for measuring how safe an electrical appliance is; to ensure it is as safe now as the day it was made, so that the user won’t suffer an electric shock, so that the appliance won’t start a fire, and so that if either of these accidents do happen your company will be able to prove to it’s insurance company that it has taken action to prevent it. Portable Appliance Testing is part of the bigger process of Inspection and Testing of Electrical Appliances, which includes not only portable appliances but fixed appliances too, such as hand-driers in public toilets. A portable appliance is any electrical appliance connected to the mains via a plug, making it portable. If you want to know more information we have a Portable Appliance Testing information blog.

Our Top 5 Tips to remember about PAT TestingCheck plugs when PAT Testing

  • A portable appliance that develops a fault is very dangerous and can lead to electrocution and fires
  • PAT should be done at regular intervals in accordance with your risk assessment
  • Portable electrical appliances are defined as electrical appliances fitted with a plug
  • PAT finds faults you probably aren’t aware of, preventing accidents
  • PAT is recommended to prove that electrical appliances are safe and well maintained.

How much does PAT Testing cost?

The PAT testing prices depend on various factors including environment, location, type of equipment, etc. but the variant between prices is small; prices start at just 65p per item for over 2,500 items in an office environment, you can get more information on our PAT testing prices here or request a PAT Testing quote. For small jobs our minimum charge is £30.00 which gets you up to 20 items. We don’t include the minimum charge for more than 100 items if you’re in Tyne and Wear, or County Durham.

Portable Appliance Testing – Portable Appliance Testing is often shortened to PAT Testing; they’re basically the same thing; Portable Appliance Testing is a process including the inspection and testing of portable electrical appliances used in the workplace.

PAT Testing Frequency – How often PAT Testing needs doing is a dependent on the environment and the type of equipment; it can range from never to monthly but most importantly is dependent on risk.

PAT Testing Certificates – every client receives a PAT Testing Certificate as standard; we issue these usually by email as an attached PDF and are the perfect evidence of Health and Safety compliance.

PAT Testing Schools – We provide PAT Testing for schools in the North East; no matter what type or size and have availability in the holidays to accommodate you. 

PAT Testing IT EquipmentPAT Testing computers and other sensitive equipment should only be done by those that know the risks, and have the correct equipment to PAT Test IT equipment. The PAT Testing company should also be efficient enough that it doesn’t disrupt your business.

PAT Testing for Landlords – Portable appliances in property let to tenants must be safe, and so should be PAT tested.

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