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We can do your PAT Testing

We’re PAT Testing Specialists based in the North East of England, providing inspections and testing of electrical appliances to all kinds of workplaces. Our engineers are experts, which makes us the best company you can contract your electrical safety requirements to.

We cover the whole of the United Kingdom; our clients include schools, call centres, factories, medical centres and much much more. Established late in 2009 we now have over 500 clients and have completed more than 150,000 tests. We offer a personal service; we’re not a company “employing” loads of minimum wage workers, just experienced, professional engineers who we know will provide a first class service. In most cases you’ll work with me, Richard – the company owner/Director.

We carry out repairs for free, and our prices are the same whether the work is done day or night.

We can test both fixed and portable appliances (PAT), as well as the main wiring installation (PIR/EICR)


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In order to comply with workplace law here in the United Kingdom you need to be able to prove your electrical equipment is safe;

To do that you need to (either) carry out regular maintenance and user checks of the electrical appliances, and have a fire risk assessment in place stating this is sufficient, whilst keeping records of what you have done OR contract an independent electrical testing company to carry out inspection and testing (PAT Testing) on the appliances, to confirm whether the equipment is safe, dangerous or in need of repair (and get evidence of this – a PAT testing certificate).

You’ve probably found us because you have chosen to do the latter, which is great news – We’re an independent electrical (PAT) testing company, covering the United Kingdom, but mainly the North East where we’re based.

Some benefits for using us:

  • The price is the same whether the work is done during the day, at night or weekends
  • We don’t charge extra for general repairs and to replace plugs
  • We can inspect fixed as well as portable appliances
  • We specialise in PAT Testing
  • We can also arrange EICR, Fire Alarms and Emergency Lighting through our partners

If an electrical appliance is faulty, it is dangerous.

If someone uses a faulty electrical appliance they can be electrocuted, and whilst they’re dying they’ll have the unpleasant experience of a continuous electric shock. A simple inspection and test by us will find the fault, from which we can recommend what action to take next (such as repair it or bin it).

Alternatively, if a faulty appliance is left unattended (such as when you go home tonight) it may overheat and start a fire; before you get back tomorrow the building may have been destroyed by the fire.

Both of these experiences can be prevented by PAT testing.

What is PAT Testing?

PAT Testing (commonly known as “PAT”, “Electrical PAT Testing” or “Portable Appliance Testing“) is the name of a process in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand and Australia by which electrical appliances are routinely checked for safety. The correct term for the process is “in-service inspection & testing of electrical equipment”.

Electrical Equipment can be any appliance that relies on electricity for it’s power; whether it is in fact portable, or fixed.

An inspection (by a competent electrical testing engineer) and testing (using a PAT tester machine) is carried out on an electrical appliance to determine whether there are any faults lurking in or out side the appliance. All being well, the appliance passes the test and is given a PASS label, and recorded on an appliance register. If the appliance doesn’t pass the engineer will recommend further action, carry out a repair or in extreme circumstances, fail the appliance. A failed appliance should be removed from use and disposed of to prevent accidents occurring.

How often should PAT Testing be done?

Electrical appliances should be inspected, and or tested as often as is required by a risk assessment based on varying factors such as environment, equipment type and class, use, user, etc.

What does PAT Testing cost?

The cost is determined usually by the number of appliances to be tested and what type of appliance they are; for example 1000 items in an office will be cheaper per item than 100 items on a building site. In order to find out what PAT testing will cost you, complete our enquiry form and we’ll send you a price.

What is “an item”?

PAT testing prices are determined by the number of items and the location of them. An item is defined as “each individual electrical appliance detached from anyother item”; so a PC base unit detaches from the power lead making it 2 items. The PC base is attached to a monitor, which also detaches from the power lead, so altogether we now have 4 items. If the 2 power leads are plugged into an extension lead; we have another item, and if the PC is attached to a printer, there are then 2 more items. All together we now have 7 items, or 3 appliances – the appliances are the PC, the monitor and the printer. We price based on the number of items. We don’t need an exact number; an estimate is sufficient.

Is our insurance affected by PAT?

Indirectly yes – when you take out business insurance you agree to the small print; that small print includes you complying with the Health and Safety at Work Act. Most insurance companies will expect you to carry out PAT testing to comply with the act, unless you can prove what you do is sufficient. Furthermore most insurance companies now insist on annual PAT testing as an additional preventative measure against insurance claims.

What area do we cover?

Primarily we conduct PAT testing throughout the North East of England as we’re based near Newcastle upon Tyne although we have contracts throughout the country including London, Lancashire and Cumbria. Wherever you are, contact us and we’ll be able to help.

“DRA Solutions Limited carry out the PAT Testing for all our sites across the United Kingdom. They provide a very efficient service at all times, and are very professional”