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Newcastle PAT testing company DRA Electricals specialise in Portable Appliance Testing (checking electrical equipment to make sure it is safe), and cover the full North East region including all counties Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Co. Durham and North Yorkshire including Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham Sunderland, Middlesbrough etc. 


Specialists in Testing Portable, Fixed and Built-In Electrical Appliances

Domestic, Commercial and Industrial


Portable Appliance Testing Specialists

Ensuring electrical appliances in a workplace are safe, is crucial – a faulty appliance can lead to a fire or give someone an electric shock, worse still it can kill!

Safety in the workplace is a priority for every business, to ensure their staff and other users are safe – a safe working environment is a happy environment.

The current regulations require all portable appliances in the workplace continue to meet strict safety standards – there should be no compromise on this – Portable Appliance Testing conducted by us at regular intervals will help to ensure you remain compliant.

Fixed and Built In Appliances

Not all PAT engineers have the capabilities, and few companies carry the equipment to test fixed and built-in appliances which gives us an edge over them; we are able to test appliances where the plugs are no accessible, where others would simply put a sticker on with little evidence to support that it is safe.

Appliances that don’t comply with the regulations

Regular inspections and tests of portable electrical equipment will help you maintain safe standards in your equipment, as portable appliance testing flags up faults which an engineer can fix, it may find appliances that have been recalled to the manufacturer and it will find and remove dangerous equipment.

Intervals between tests determined by the risk

Whats more, our PAT engineer will be able to advise you on improving safety in your workplace by conducting on-site risk assessments and showing you where equipment safety can be improved, but also by advising you of the best course of action for interval periods until the next phase of inspections and or testing.

PAT Testing North East

DRA Electricals, based in Newcastle upon Tyne is an independent Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) company. PAT Testing is a specialised process which should only be carried out by suitably qualified and skilled engineers who have the experience to reassure you that your equipment is being inspected correctly, so you comply fully with UK Health and Safety at Work directives.

DRA Electricals give their clients peace of mind that they are doing the right thing to ensure that portable electrical equipment they provide for use in the workplace is safe to be used; wherever it is used.

The process of portable appliance testing is recognised by the insurance industry as a risk reducer which can help to reduce premiums and does help in the event of an insurance claim.

We will discuss with you what your needs are, we will assess the risks within your workplace to determine appropriate intervals between first and next phases of inspections and testing.


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Our service includes:

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  • Testing of all types of electrical appliance
  • Testing of standard and industrial plugs
  • Testing of built-in appliances where the plug can’t be accessed
  • On-site safety improvement advice
  • Comprehensive repairs and maintenance options
  • Risk assessments to determine appropriate PAT testing frequency
  • Promptly issued Certificates

Trusted by our clients for PAT TestingTrusted by our clients

We have a portfolio of satisfied clients throughout the North East including multi-site companies, schools, public sector organisations, NHS facilities, offices, shops and many more. 

What our clients say about us:

“DRA have just completed the PAT testing for our business once again. We have used them for many years, as they are always polite, professional, and their prices are incredibly competitive.”