PAT Testing Specialists

Portable Appliance Testing

Why you need a “PAT Tester”

If there is an electrical appliance fault that leads to an accident at your workplace, your insurance company, and possibly the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) may hold an enquiry to see who is responsible; it is now that you will experience the real benefits of using DRA Solutions to carry out your PAT Testing.

The technical expertise of our PAT testers will ensure that all equipment is inspected correctly, giving you peace of mind that you have followed the correct procedures, in the event of an enquiry. 

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PAT Testing Specialists in the North East

We’re recognised as PAT testing experts by our clients, and as a leading portable appliance testing company in the industry. Six years after the company began we’re growing every day, the business is thriving. Whilst there are plenty of PAT testers about, a specialised company is hard to find. Using an electrician who also does PAT isn’t the route to follow; you need a portable appliance testing company; only then will you know you’re getting the best service. We know our service is good because our clients stay with us year after year. 

As a company that specialises in electrical appliance testing we can provide the best, most efficient service for your business, minimising the risks of accident, and disruption to your team. In addition you benefit from knowing we are operating to the high standards required of a registered member of the PAT Testing Network

Electrical PAT Testing of appliances is something that needs doing to protect your users, and workplace; faulty electrical appliances can be very dangerous. You shouldn’t cut corners by going for the cheapest option, or the longest frequency – go for a PAT Testing company who will offer you a high standard of service at a time to suit you.

A PAT Tester from DRA Solutions Limited will arrive on time, be well presented, smart and professional. He takes great pride in his work, which reflects on your appliances.

Take Electrical Safety Seriously

DRA Solutions Limited can offer the full package of electrical inspections as we also do Electrical Installation Condition Reports, Emergency Lighting and Fire Alarm Testing.

Choose DRA PAT Testing.

Most insurance companies now require you to operate to the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974; Inspection and Testing of electrical appliances (PAT) is part of this. Failure to meet these requirements can render your building, contents, employers and public liabilities invalid which means if you are found in breach of Health and Safety your insurance may not cover the costs incurred.

We can also advise you on your risk assessments, and the frequency for your PAT testing – why get it done every year if you don’t have to?

“DRA Solutions Limited carry out the PAT Testing for all our sites across the United Kingdom. They provide a very efficient service at all times, and are very professional”