Why take a risk with electrical equipment? Every day thousands of people risk electric shock by using portable appliances that haven’t been PAT tested – a PAT test will find faults in electrical equipment; finding them, and removing them, reduces the chance of an electric shock.

Don’t become another statistic – get portable appliances tested

Here at DRA PAT Testing we specialise in Electrical Safety; we provide the full package to make sure our clients benefit from safe electrical equipment. Through a combination of Portable Appliance Testing, Thermal Imaging Surveys and Microwave Testing we assure our clients that their equipment is safe.

We’re based in Newcastle upon Tyne and cover the whole of the North East of England as well as the rest of the UK as our clients require.

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There is more to portable appliance testing than plugging a plug into a machine and pressing go; the technician needs to know what is happening; nothing beats skill, knowledge and experience; and there is more to it than what a PAT tester can do.

What needs PAT Testing?

Any electrical-powered appliance that can be disconnected from the main electricity supply by unplugging it is classed as a portable appliance, and so requires a level of inspection and or testing to check it reaches a satisfactory level of safety.

Why do we get PAT Testing done?

PAT Testing is one of those services most people don’t appreciate until it’s too late – everyone knows they need it, but most are not sure why, and many will not want it, but not making sure your electrical appliances are safe could be the biggest mistake you ever make.

There are approximately 1000 electrical appliance related accidents reported to the HSE every year, and as a consequence business owners and duty holders often find themselves being prosecuted for negligence. Whilst we can’t say that we’ll stop you being prosecuted we can help you protect yourselves by ensuring you have good evidence in place to support your argument that you’ve done what you can to keep users safe. 

PAT Testing is about ensuring a portable electrical appliance is safe; it takes a skilled operator to do that; we check the full system including the plug, lead, attachments, the main appliance, etc. and carry out repairs to improve the facility.

By law you must maintain electrical equipment, and provide evidence – unlike most providers we provide you with a record of all repairs we carry out, so you have a record of maintenance.  This report is part of the Inspection Report we give you including a PAT Testing Certificate and itemised record of all appliances tested and the results.

We also provide you with our recommendations and suggestions based on your workplace specifically rather than general suggestions like many of our competitors.

Our prices are competitive and our standards are high, we offer a service that gives you real peace of mind.


Our service is recommended by our clients, and is:

  • Carried out to the highest standards
  • Accredited by CHAS and the PAT Testing Network
  • Completed without hidden costs, at a competitive price
  • Available overnight and at weekends

Every client gets:

  • A fully comprehensive quotation clearly showing all costs
  • FREE replacement plugs and fuses as required
  • The skills and experience of Team DRA
  • An Inspection Report for all appliances including the PAT Testing Certificate
  • Support in assessing risk to determine PAT Testing Frequency
  • Great service at an equally great price

After we have inspected your portable appliances:

  • We’ll have highlighted any needs for further maintenance
  • We’ll have made any recommendations to improve safety
  • We’ll have repaired any faults, or failed them outright, removing the danger
  • We’ll have guided you towards the best PAT testing frequency

By UK Law you must ensure all electrical equipment is maintained to a safe level; regular portable appliance testing will highlight the need for any maintenance where safety is concerned.PAT TESTING QUOTE Form

Our Inspection Report and PAT Certificate provides evidence to show you are taking action to ensure electrical appliances you provide are safe by:

  1. Highlighting any appliances that needed repair by us
  2. Highlighting any appliances that require further maintenance
  3. Highlighting any appliances that failed our inspection or tests
  4. Reporting all appliances that passed our inspection and testing

PAT testing quotes | PAT Testing NewcastleA valid portable appliance testing report shows insurance companies, as well as health and safety authorities that you take the safety of your equipment seriously.

Don’t choose the cheapest bidder – it’s your responsibility

Within our industry, leading PAT companies will tell you plenty of horror stories that come from so called “cheap PAT Testing” providers who cut overheads by cutting corners and using cheap labour; be careful who you choose to inspect your appliances because if they do a bad job, and an accident occurs you are still responsible, not them.

Our PAT testing pricing

We are not expensive; we offer a fair competitive price for a very high standard of service – we haven’t built up a formidable reputation by being cheap or bad at what we do. Our clients work with us long term because we’re good at what we do. Contact us for a PAT testing quote and see for yourself.

About Team DRA

DRA Solutions Limited, trading as DRA PAT Testing and DRA Electrical Safety is owned by Richard Ayre. Richard has ran the company since it began in 2009. We have built up a good reputation throughout the North East with clients all over the region, and throughout the United Kingdom. Our team is made up of a small group of first class engineers and electricians with the same core values to provide an excellent service.

  • We’ve been accredited by CHAS and PTN, hold CSCS and DBS, and qualified through City and Guilds.
  • Our clients include Durham Constabulary, Northumbria Water and Seaham Hall Hotel. PAT testing quotes form



DRA Electricals and DRA PAT Testing are trading names of DRA Solutions Limited No. 8161010
Registered Address: 27 Richardson Street, Wallsend, NE28 7PS
T: 0191-500-6562 (diverts to mobile)
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