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Anyone that goes to work expects to be safe, no matter what they do, and to ensure that, here in the United Kingdom we have the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, which governs all that we do. The Electricty at Work Regulations 1989 are of particular importance to us as an electrical safety company specialising in electrical inspection and testing, mainly portable appliance testing.

“There are on average 1000 workplace accidents due to electric shock and burns reported to the HSE every year”

Between 2001 and 2011 that average reduced by 150 reports, suggested to be because more workplaces now get their electrical appliances tested, which shows the benefit of PAT Testing.

Despite this, 24% of all workplace fires in 2011/12 statistics were due to faulty electrical appliances and leads, which caused on average £51,000 of damage – we hope by providing a good electrical safety and PAT Testing service we can not only help to reduce these figures but save our clients a lot of heartache and money.PAT testing quotes | PAT Testing Newcastle

Ensuring people are safe at work is essential for every business owner/manager; as a duty holder they are obliged by the law to ensure they don’t put their workers and users in unnecessary danger.

By law, any workplace must ensure their electrical equipment is maintained to a safe level, at all times; although by law you don’t have to be able to prove this, it certainly helps in the event of a legal case, and for insurance claims. Evidence is important, as it helps you to prove that you did take action to ensure appliances were safe. By getting portable appliance testing done, for example, you’re taking the necessary steps to ensure the equipment you provide is safe, and through the inspection report (aka PAT Testing Certificate) you’re getting the evidence that proves you have done what is necessary.

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A good PAT testing company will flag up any needs for extra maintenance, and should be able to assess the risks involved to recommend on going frequencies.

You are responsible for PAT testing

Arranging to get PAT testing done, like anything else in the workplace is the responsibility of the duty holder; by getting a PAT company in, you’re not relinquishing any blame if there is an accident so make sure you’re choosing carefully.

It is the responsibility of the duty holder to conduct a risk assessment and guide the PAT company on how often inspections are needed and what they should involve; of course, the PAT company should work with you to ensure what you’re choosing to do is correct, after all they are the experts.

In-Service inspection and testing is control measure used to reduce the risk of electric shock and fire, so make sure it’s being done correctly, or you may not be controlling anything. The PAT Testing Network tries to educate consumers as to what is Not PAT testing.

Any maintenance regime put into place should be proportionate to the risk level of the environment and equipment being used. For example offices show an average failure rate of approximately 1.5% which is quite low, and can reflect the ongoing frequency, but a school average rises to 3.3% meaning there is a need to get inspections done more often, of course different departments may need different periods.

The risk assessment which needs to be done to determine the levels for inspection and testing, are the responsibility of the duty holder. However, the duty holder may not feel confident in their knowledge to carry out such a task so can enlist the services of a competent person, such as a risk assessment consultant or the PAT testing company.

We are able to provide our customers with risk assessments, general advice and also the full portable appliance testing service, no matter what industry they operate in.

We offer additional services to make the process easier, such as fire safety and fixed wiring testing, and to enhance our appliance testing service we can do thermal imagery and commercial micro wave testing.

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We’re PAT testing specialists

As PAT testing specialists we don’t just come in and slap a load of stickers on your plugs like some will do, but we take care and attention, pride in our work to ensure you are getting the professional service you expect from a company such as ours.

We correctly exam every plug, lead and appliance for deficiencies and report to you any need for repair by us, additional maintenance and overall failures. We also provide you with a record of all passed appliances, and a PAT testing certificate.

We are able to recommend on-going frequencies (such as in a low risk office this could be as infrequent as every 5 years) and help you with risk assessments. Where you’re concerned about powering down sensitive equipment like servers we’re able to offer thermal imaging surveys as an alternative, which will find any faults that you can then get your IT team to investigate further.

In addition to that we also carry out commercial micro-wave testing to ensure the unit is functioning correctly such as seals, interlock, radiation, temperature and power. We also carry out leakage tests as standard on all general use microwaves that we test.

Our two main technicians are based near Newcastle upon Tyne and Durham, so are able to cover the whole of the North East region with ease, meaning initial fees are kept to a minimum. Our pricing is determined by the job itself rather than a one-price fits all method that many PAT companies use, which is more effective for the customer and provides real value for money, especially considering the extras we include in our service such as the advice, reports, free repairs and parts, and out of hours working.

In addition to that we hold CHAS and PTN accreditation, are construction site approved through CSCS and have passed Disclosure and Barring and Police vetting checks.

Our clients include Durham Constabulary, Nexus, the NHS Business Authority and the National Trust.

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