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PAT Testing is widely regarded as the best process to check portable electrical appliances are maintaining a safe working standard, required by law for workplaces in the United Kingdom.

Why is PAT Testing necessary?

Electrical appliances are manufactured to a safe standard, but with use and movement can deteriorate over time to an extent where there is a risk of electric shock or fire.

To remain compliant with UK workplace regulations electrical appliances must maintain the safe standard they were manufactured at; a good system of maintenance will locate faults (and potential faults) which can be fixed and this reduce the chances of an accident occurring.

That is why PAT Testing is necessary – to find faults and prevent accidents. 

PAT Testing is recognised as the most appropriate method to determine if electrical appliances are maintaining a safe standard.

What is Portable Appliance Testing?

Portable Appliance Testing, or PAT Testing is the combinations of an inspection carried out by an Appliance Inspector, and a series of tests by a PAT tester machine. This combined inspection and testing will find any faults and eradicate them, as well as confirming that a safe appliance will pass portable appliance testing.

What does the client get?

Every client gets peace of mind that all their electrical appliances have been checked that they maintain a safe level, that any dangerous appliances have been found and all those that pass are safe. Every client gets a PAT Testing Report including:

  1. Recommendations for further action
  2. Record of all failed appliances
  3. Register of all appliances that passed
  4. PAT Testing Certificate

How often is PAT Testing required?

How often PAT Testing is needed is dependent on many factors, the main two being the appliance type and the environment it is used in, but one thing is certain – not all environments need annual testing.

We carry out a risk factor assessment for every job we do, from which we recommend ongoing frequencies based on health and safety recommendations.

We supply every new client with a Methodology document that outlines the service we provide.

Who is DRA PAT Testing?

DRA PAT Testing Limited, also known as DRA Electricals is a small business, privately owned by Richard Ayre; trading since 2009. Richard carries out most of the work on and in the business, and is likely to be the inspector who does your inspection and testing.

We cover Newcastle upon Tyne and the North East of England

We are based in North Tyneside and cover that area, Newcastle upon Tyne, County Durham etc. We cover the whole of the North East of England.

“25% of all reportable electrical accidents are caused by portable appliances”