Portable Appliance Testing – PAT Testing Quote

We can provide you with a PAT testing quote, to carry out your Portable Appliance Testing; we cover the whole of the North East of England including Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham and Sunderland.

We specialise in PAT Testing

You’ll be glad you got a PAT Testing Quote from us

DRA PAT Testing is an established specialist Portable Appliance Testing who can provide you with a PAT testing quote today. As a company we carry out testing for the likes of the NHS, Durham Constabulary and the National Trust (we don’t name-drop to show off, it’s to show that we are taken seriously by others as a PAT company). However no job is too small for us; we’re very proud of every client who has ever contracted us to do test their appliances. We carry out PAT Testing in Newcastle upon Tyne, and across the North East.

We are DRA Solutions Limited, owned by Richard Ayre, who also carries out the majority of jobs we get booked for, assisted by Ed Gorman. We have the logistics in place to deal with most jobs, although we do know our limitations. Find out more about the DRA brand, and Richard in About DRA.

PAT Testing Quote A welcome from Richard “As a company we operate to my own high standards, of honesty and integrity; we grow thanks to our clients recommendations so we always ensure we give the best possible service and honest recommendations for future PAT testing frequencies. I also insist that I, and anyone working for me is always polite, punctual and professional. I hope you will consider me (us) to do your testing, and I look forward to meeting you.”

Our PAT testing prices are fair and competitive, reflecting our high standards without being expensive or cheap, and our processes are professional, using industry leading Seaward equipment.

Every client gets the same PAT testing service including:

  1. A full report and PAT testing certificate upon completion of our work
  2. Honest recommendations for ongoing PAT testing frequencies
  3. Appliances tested by a CHAS and PTN regulated company
  4. Flexibility to ensure your requirements are met

At every job we attend, we:

  1. Remove labels from previous companies, where possible
  2. Report any needs for repair, or failures at the time
  3. Apply professional pre-printed labels with a unique ID number
  4. Carry out full visual inspections on all appliances
  5. Repair and replace plugs and fuses for free

If you want to contact me, to get a quote or arrange a meeting you can:

Jobs can be booked for weekends, and overnight if that helps to reduce disruption – working when you’re not is as much a benefit to us as it is to you.

Don’t be afraid of the PAT tester

I hear stories where clients were concerned we may find a faulty appliance; I hear even worse stories where the PAT tester doesn’t want to tell the client an appliance has failed for fear of what they might say. There are equally important reasons you’re getting us to do your portable appliance testing:

  1. To find faulty appliances, to flag them up for maintenance or to remove the danger to prevent accidents, andPAT Testing | Portable Appliance Testing
  2. To provide you with a PAT Testing Certificate and Passes report, which you need for the Electricity at Work regulations, and your insurer.

Do you know what a Portable Appliance Is?

Any appliance that has a plug that goes into a socket is portable from the mains electricity supply; that is what makes it portable. You don’t need to pick it up and move it for it to be portable.