We’re PAT Testing Specialists

PAT Testing saves lives as it removes dangerous portable electrical appliances that are currently being used in the workplace; proper PAT Testing takes away appliances that pose a fire risk, or could potentially kill someone or give an electric shock.

PAT Testing, aka Portable Appliance Testing is done for the purposes of insurance, and health and safety to help keep workplaces safe. Inspections and tests are conducted on electrical appliances to find any faults that could pose a risk to human life. If your business has a 100% PASS record then congratulations; but don’t presume that means all your appliances will always be safe.Portable Appliance Testing

PAT Testing all over the UK from the North East

We conduct PAT Testing for companies all over the United Kingdom, and have engineers available to work for you too. So if you need PAT Testing doing complete our quotation form and we’ll send you a price, or if you prefer we can book an appointment to come and see you to discuss your needs. We’re based in the North East, in Wallsend, near Newcastle Upon Tyne.

We are DRA Solutions Limited, trading as “DRA Electricals” and “DRA PAT Testing”; we’re an independent North East electrical safety company that specialises in portable appliance testing.

We operate in large offices, call centres, schools, for engineering companies, safety companies, in factories and industry, lettings and other property, salons, care homes and construction sites, and many many more workplace types.

“DRA Electricals have the contract to PAT test all our sites; we have used them since 2010 and will continue to do so in the future – they provide the best service in the North East”


 What is a Portable Appliance?

The definition of a portable appliance is any appliance that disconnects from the mains electricity supply without the intervention of an electrician; in other words – any electrical appliance fitted with a plug. A “plug” can be removed from the socket, disconnecting the electricity supply, and anyone can do this. A plug can take many forms, and be of various colours and shapes but ultimately the process is the same, and this plug is what makes the appliance portable.

Why should you choose us to do your PAT Testing?

  • We’re a well respected, professional, North East PAT testing company
  • We provide PAT at the highest standards; every item is checked in accordance with IET guidelines
  • We use the latest industry techniques and equipment ensuring you receive the most efficient service
  • We have a fair pricing structure and don’t charge for repairs
  • We issue PAT Testing Certificates as professional PDF documents
  • We conduct risk assessments to determine PAT Testing Frequencies