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Electrical Appliance Testing Specialists


DRA PAT Testing Limited specialise in Inspection and Testing of Portable Electrical Appliances and cover Newcastle, Durham and the North East region – we operate in all sectors including small businesses, shops, salons, offices, schools, hotels, industry, building sites, rental property, etc.

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Inspection and Testing of portable electrical appliances is the most recognised and easiest way to check to see if an electrical appliance is safe to use, and being used appropriately. Dangerous appliances, or those being used in incorrectly can lead to electric shock and fires.

It’s possible that you could be using an appliance today that carries a fault you don’t even know about, that one day could injure or even kill you – portable appliance testing is a relatively simple and inexpensive way of making sure that is prevented.

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PAT Testing in Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham and the North East


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  • Experienced appliance testing specialists
  • Recommendations for improving safety from engineer’s findings
  • Comprehensive repairs and maintenance carried out
  • HSE approved risk based testing & frequency management
  • Affordable & Cost-effective at high standards
  • Friendly, helpful, honest and reliable team


Specialist Electrical Testing Service

Fire protection and safety from dangerous or badly used electrical equipment is an important part of any facilities health and safety procedures to protect the people living and working there, and using the facilities, as well as to the property itself, from the threat of fire damage.

Maintaining safe electrical systems (including the installation and appliances) is not just expected but is a legal requirement, whilst it is crucial that you carry out regular inspections and tests (EICR and PAT) to comply with Health and Safety regulations and insurance.

We’re able to test all types of electrical appliances, even when the plug is not accessible or has been removed through Point to Point testing, we specialise in testing IT equipment, test microwave ovens and can also test non standard equipment such as 110 and 415volt adaptors. 

We stock an extensive range of plugs, fuses and cable to ensure we can carry out repairs when required. 

Whatever your electrical appliance inspection and testing requirements, whether you need advice, recommendations, periodic or one off testing the experts at DRA PAT Testing can help.

North East PAT Testing

DRA PAT Testing Limited is an experienced Portable Appliance Testing specialist based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. We provide a comprehensive appliance inspection and testing service including ins-scope repairs if required, to help make sure your appliances maintain safe standards.

We cover the North East region including areas around Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham and Sunderland.

We consider all possibilities to ensure we leave you with safer appliances than when we arrived.

Call us on 01915006562 or complete our online form for help, advice or a price estimate.

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