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Welcome to DRA PAT testing

I am Richard Ayre; since 2009 I have been trading as DRA PAT Testing in Newcastle upon Tyne and across the North East of England, building a reputation as a trustworthy, reliable and cost effective PAT tester. I carry out inspection and testing of portable electrical appliances, which includes all appliances fitted with a plug, or intended to be used with a plug including computers, white goods, power tools, cleaning equipment, etc.

I am also Operations Director for the PAT Testing Network – an association striving to raise standards across our industry.

I consider myself a specialist in low-risk environments such as offices, rental property, small businesses and schools whilst being more than capable in the surroundings of industry, construction, etc.

I believe in giving honest and sensible advice whilst keeping the service simple and without fuss; there is no need for me to baffle my clients with complications – they come to me to resolve their issues and I provide the solutions to do so.

If you maintain electrical equipment in a safe standard, that is, you look after it, then it’s going to stay safe, just like it was when you bought it – it’s my job to confirm that – if all the appliances are safe then we’re all happy, but finding the odd one that has developed a fault is the bonus of an inspection, as finding a faulty appliance and fixing it or removing it, prevents an accident.

When the job is done the results are downloaded into our Simply Pats software and converted into a neat and tidy, professional report which is sent to you via PDF as soon as it is ready (can be same day if required).

I won’t say we’ll take on any job or guarantee to beat any price because we don’t – we’re professional, and honest, and know our limitations but give us a try and you will be impressed. Our usual work can be anything up to 5000 items on one site and average rate is just £1.00 per item.

If you’re not yet convinced drop me an email and ask whatever questions you have, or see what recent clients have said about us on our testimonials page.

If you are satisfied and want to get your PAT Testing arranged complete the form on the side for a quote to be sent or ring 0191 500 6562

We operate across the North East including Newcastle, Gateshead, Washington, Sunderland, Durham etc. so wherever you are we can help.

Our PAT testing service includes:

  1. 110 volt, 230 volt and 415 volt appliances
  2. Not doing Microwave tests that aren’t necessary
  3. Repairing faults where possible
  4. Replacing damaged plugs
  5. Reporting damaged sockets 
  6. Providing PAT Testing Certificates
  7. Risk-based testing following HSE guidance