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Electrical appliances start off life perfectly safe, but over time they can deteriorate to such an extent that there is a real risk of electric shock to a user or the appliance catching fire. Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) ensures electrical appliances are safe to be used (much like an MOT checks your car is safe to be driven).

Here in the UK all workplaces must make sure electrical appliances are safe to be used; various regulations stipulate that appliances must be maintained to a safe level, who is responsible and what must be done. Providing an electrical appliance that is not safe is not complying with the law.

PAT testing is a way of maintaining electrical appliances and it

  • Reduces the risk of fires
  • Prevents users getting an electric shock
  • Is a legal requirement in the workplace

We’re an experienced provider with a proven track record for providing appliance testing at a high standard; we can provide you with a PAT testing quote that will ensure you get the service you need and the PAT Testing Certificate to confirm your appliances are safe.

Why do we do Appliance Testing? 

Portable Appliance Testing (aka PAT testing) will find faults in electrical appliances that may otherwise go unnoticed if you don’t have a suitable maintenance system in place; if someone gets an electric shock because you did nothing to prevent it you will be held accountable by law.

Many insurance companies now stipulate portable appliance testing as a necessary condition on most businesses; if there was a fire the insurance company would want evidence that regular PAT testing had been carried out, to determine a settlement.

What is a “Portable Appliance”? 

A portable appliance is any electrical appliance that has a plug on it – whether you can move it makes no difference. To be ‘Portable‘ means to be able to un-plug it.

What does the law say?

The Electricity at Work Regulations (1989) require electrical systems to be maintained so that they are safe during use; this includes the mains wiring and electrical appliances. We can help you to ensure both your portable appliances, and fixed wiring installation remain safe to be used.

Portable appliance testing confirms whether an electrical appliance is safe, whilst fixed installation testing confirms whether the wiring in a building is safe.

How often do we need PAT testing?

How often PAT testing is needed depends on the appliance and the environment it is being used in, but a simple risk assessment should help to determine what risks have to be taken in to account, from which we can determine a suitable PAT testing frequency. It is common knowledge that a lot of workplaces are tested too often; this is usually because a risk assessment has not been carried out. If you require further advice on how often you need PAT Testing have a conversation with us.


“25% of all reportable electrical accidents are caused by portable appliances”

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