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Richard Ayre is a PAT engineer with over 10 years experience and the owner Director of DRA PAT Testing Limited based in Wallsend, Newcastle upon Tyne. Richard is also the Operations Director for the UK's Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association.

How long does a PAT testing certificate last?

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How long does a PAT test last? A PAT test is like an MOT - it's only as good as the day it is done. You should never ask how long does a PAT test last, only, did the appliances pass the required tests. The test is carried out on an electrical appliance to confirm it is [...]

Socket safety – why do we use socket covers when they’re not needed?

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Please don't use these electric socket covers How many sockets in your school, nursery or home have those little flat white 'covers' stuck in them? Parents and teachers plug them in to electric sockets because they think they'll make the socket safer to children. However, in reality - they're actually really dangerous, pose a [...]

Registering and checking appliances is very important

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Checking if an appliance has been recalled Grenfell was a shocking incident (some info), and what it showed us was that electrical appliances do catch fire, they can cause major issues and they should be maintained better. It’s led to all kinds of campaigns and awareness raising such as the need for registering appliances and checking appliances [...]

New guide to improve consumer product safety recalls

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BSI Code of Practice for product recalls (this is not our article; it has been taken direct from the UK Government website) BSI Code of Practice will help businesses understand what to do if their product needs to be recalled. Published 7 March 2018 From: Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, Office for Product Safety and Standards, and Andrew [...]

If staff bring personal electrical equipment into work does it need testing?

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Personal Equipment Personal equipment brought into work does need PAT testing, treat it like work equipment.  You are responsible for electrical equipment used at work, whether you have supplied it or not.  What would happen if that appliance caught fire or caused an accident - would you be protected if you hadn't checked the appliance was safe?    Consider [...]

Do new electrical items need PAT testing?

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Do new electrical items need PAT testing? If I had to give you the answer to this question, I would say "better safe than sorry, get it tested", but ultimately the final decision is yours.  Most people say that you don't need to get new equipment PAT tested but it is up to your company policy If [...]

What happens if an appliance fails the PAT tests?

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If we fail an appliance we will advise you what to do; either repair it or dispose of it.  PAT Testing is as much about finding faulty appliances and fixing them as it is about confirming appliances are safe. If an appliance fails it may be repairable; if we can repair it we will do, but if not [...]

You have to see this before buying cheap counterfeit electrical products – it’s explosive!

By |2020-04-27T17:38:37+00:00April 22nd, 2018|Safety notices|

The risk of buying counterfeit electrical products Sometimes we buy something not because of the quality but for the price, but what happens if your bargain purchase turns out to be deadly?  About a quarter of people in the UK have been victims of counterfeit products when shopping online, and around 5% of us have first [...]

Register your appliances

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Have you registered the appliances in your properties with the manufacturer? When you buy appliances these days there is a warranty card in the box, if you complete and send it off you'll be notified if there is ever a recall notice on the appliance. Appliances, especially kitchen appliances get recalled all the time for all kinds of reasons, [...]

How do we check if appliances have been recalled?

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Electrical appliances get recalled all the time, for all kinds of reasons, often simple maintenance issues where if you get in touch with the manufacturer they'll send an engineer out to do the work, but sometimes it's because a fault has been found that makes the appliance highly dangerous, like it could overheat and catch fire. If there is [...]